Monday, May 2, 2011

Discommendation? Black Conservative Mychal Massie Buckdances for His White Masters By Violently Disparaging President Obama's Take Down of Bin Laden

Mother Jones Magazine has waded through the muck and mire of the Right-wing blogosphere to come up with a 10 point list of how the Right is spinning President Obama's taking down of Bin Laden.

There a few gems--agitprop ambush journalist goon Jason Mattera (the clown who I embarrassed on his own radio show a few months back) appears on the list and takes a dig at the First Lady--but the following congratulatory utterance particularly caught my eye. I remain surprised that black garbage pail kids buckdancing for white folks' gold and silver Conservatives wonder why they are persona non-grata among their own kin. The following "tweet" is one more example why:

4. WorldNetDaily contributor Mychal Massie:

Why doesn't this clown come out and say that the President should just be shot? What a coward.

Ultimately, Malcolm X's famous observation about the politics of race loyalty and self-interest in the Black community certainly do ring true in Massie's comments. In these moments of success for America's First Black President the "house negroes" of contemporary Conservatism have to do the double tap and hate twice as hard as their White masters in order to keep their bonafides.

I have not begun the process of discommendation for one who betrays the Black community (and the common good) in some time. Should we begin that most sacred of processes and kick Mr. Massie out of the clan?


Plane Ideas said...

Whose worse for the well being of the collective:

A Black Garbage Pail Conservative
A Black Ballon Blower Liberal

engaged in behaviors which block the progressive evolution of the collective aka community

The BGPC operates as tool for bigots they assist in the disenfranchisment of the community
..the BBBL acts of omission allow the President to operate without any critical feedback..

I recommend them both for the process of discommendation..ASAP

Anonymous said...

Yo boi got no luv even from the kneegrow coonservatives for his little selfie with breitbart

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. You got that right.

@Anon. I took Cobb to the woodshed on his own site over that b.s., predictably he deflected and made excuses.

nomad said...

If you're going to kick someone out of the klan, start with the Betrayer in Chief.

chaunceydevega said...

Ouch. Please elaborate Nomad.

nomad said...

It would probably be easier to list the presidential policies that were not a betrayal of his constituency. The worse offense, IMO, is the covering up of Bush crimes. This has enormous repercussions. The issue that woke me up to Obama's betrayal was his handling of the healthcare "reform". I can't believe his approval level among blacks is as high as it is. It's time for influential blacks to vigorously oppose this fraud.

Anonymous said...

Chauncey, thanks for the invitation. I find your site to be highly enlightening. And I still think you should interview Cain and West to check into those "racial hostilities".

As to this post, Massey has a point that Mr. Obama has taken liberties with our constitution. Why to you call him a coward for doing so -- and use that description as a link to a short speech by Massey to a group of (can it be true?) Black Conservatives who aren't Uncle Toms (your term, if I read correctly) -- in which he explains why racism is an empty attack against blacks who don't toe the liberal line?

Anonymous said...

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