Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega on the Burt Cohen Show

Sorry for my absence this week.

A damn good piece was written on the Koran burning and the mess in Afghanistan that was lost in the innards of Blogger--maybe Crom did not want me writing on such things? And of course I had to deal with some mess regarding our friend the tax man. Ultimately I surrendered, and decided to simply exhale and bow to the absurd, just like Picard did with the Bringloidi in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Life moves forward. I just heard from Brother X-Squared and he is going to bless us with his thoughts on all events current and historical in the very immediate future, but at a time of his choosing. Dude has been hard to find. When he finally contacted me, Brother X-Squared relayed that he had a surprise that would leave me devastated. I am frightened, but remain intrigued.

The second installment of the Black Pride/White Prejudice series is also ready to jump off next week, so be on the look out. I would also like to thank you all for participating in our poll on those sad sad souls, the garbage pail kids of American politics--those who are otherwise known as black conservatives. If the results are any indication you all are a mean bunch. Do you not have any empathy for their plight as victims of white racism?

On a different note, I did a great interview with the one and only Mike Papantonio, host of Ring of Fire Radio. He was an early supporter and one of the first to give me some national shine. For that I will always be grateful to him.

I also had a chance to do an impromptu segment on The Burt Cohen Show. This was a long form interview and involved a bit of breadth that I am still getting used to. Cohen is a gracious host and has had some great people on his show--Noam Chomsky comes to mind--so I felt complimented that Burt would think to invite the humble and lowly Chauncey DeVega to chat in his house.

I get better as the show goes on and as I find my traction. Your thoughts are appreciated. Suggestions are always welcome. If you need a cure for insomnia, my monotone voice is always the answer. So listen and fall into the open arms of the gentle ups and downs of my voice. Embedded for your convenience:


Plane Ideas said...


Burt was putting me to sleep not you!!!! I agree your talking points became stronger and You were very good..

I think radio is your best platfrom in your tool box in collaboration with your print presentations..

chaunceydevega said...

Always very kind brother Thrasher.

Burt is cool people. A bit soothing in his voice, but that is his style and brand name.

When are you going to get back in to the radio game?

Plane Ideas said...

I am about to go underground and retire from my blog, TV show, public activism ...

I want to finish my fictional novel ( a tale of a Black apartment building during white flight and end of the city) I also want to reinvent myself as well..

I will be signing off from blogging as well soon so get me while I am,lol,lol

CD I really champion you to emerge from the midst and step up and market your brand right here right now the atomosphere can use another great public intellectual....You must keep the legacy alive... I have no problem with publically declaring you are a young icon...

chaunceydevega said...

You are always so kind and gracious Thrasher. I want to do the public intellectual entertaining academic deal who is also rigorous, but we shall see.

We need you in the fight Thrasher. Don't go too underground where we can't benefit from you.

Plane Ideas said...


I value your words...Unlike yourself and others my activism is public and transparent I don't use an alias etc as such I get demonized and attack with hate mail, threats, professional avoidance and personal ridicue and loss of income, etc..

My body of work which I don't apologize for has not been without a lot of liabilities personal and professional...I do like my footprints and my impact good, bad & ugly...

I am close to 6 decades and I think I have warranted a day in the sun...I have not left the stage yet but my lact act is in the wings..

Again I do thank you my brother:-)

fred c said...

It's a little bit late to be considering a role as a public intellectual, Professor. You already are one, in the parade, showing the flag, and getting results. Your modesty is attractive, but don't get carried away with it. If you were a song on the old American Bandstand, I'd give you a 90 ("an intellectual challenge, and you can dance to it.")

You have an important voice in the debate(s), and your efforts are appreciated. With friends like Greg and me, how can you go wrong? (Don't answer that question!)

chaunceydevega said...


Nice to hear from you. Always kind. Me a public intellectual? That is some 10 years from now. I need to become an intellectual first and then grow from there...a process that I may never complete properly.

Now that having been said when someone writes me a check for running my mouth then I will be creeping towards my goal. But you are right, I will never forget my humility.

What have you been up to?

fred c said...

I spent March in America, visiting significant others. Back to real life now, Summer Term in BKK. You just go at your own pace, Professor. Like the baseball players say: play within yourself (i.e., don't over swing; don't think too much). You should go far, and a little ambition wouldn't be misplaced.