Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Randomness: Of Babe the Blue Ox and Making Sense of Teaching Evaluations

Moving on from Cain for a second. I occasionally share bits of the random things I read on the bus. When something strikes me as compelling I dog ear the page and promise myself that I will post said tidbit that evening. Usually, other things interfere. But, as I sit here reading my evaluations (and yes, another post on pedagogical failures is forthcoming) I thought of one of my favorite comic book characters and his profound and understated "thought bubble" wisdom.

I rarely shill for a product of any sort, but Fables is a must read. With both long time devotees of the medium and non-comic readers alike, I have not shared this title with anyone who has not fallen in love with it.

Babe the Blue Ox is wise. His words resonate as I try to make sense of how Mrs. and Mr. Snowflake Millennial understand the world (and the responsibility they have for their own learning). All told, there is no problem that Babe the Blue Ox cannot illuminate and make clearer to those who bow before him.

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