Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meme of the Week: More Liberal Racism, Now Against Gay Independent Thinking Black Conservatives

Behold the New Right's latest manufactured scandal. What is the over/under on how long before this video becomes the Fox News rage of the day?

Let's parse the description which accompanies the clip on the website Founding Bloggers. It reads:

"Wow. Just wow. What do you get when SEIU aggressive progressives are confronted with the antithesis of their world view, a black gay conservative American? Their racist heads implode, of course!

In the video below, SEIU thugs hurl vile personal verbal attacks at a free and independent thinking black homosexual conservative American."

We don't need the genius of Noam Chomsky or George Lakoff to analyze the semiotics at work in the above passage. Just as with the Herman Cain liberal racism framing, the New Right has once more discovered victimology, the politics of grievance, and political correctness. Notice the emphasis: this conservative "victim" is described as "free," "independent," "thinking," and "American." As a bonus, the subject of the video is also the Other and now because of his political orientation is doubly marginalized. Thus by implication, liberals, progressives, people of color--and now our GLBQT brothers and sisters who are not Right-wing quislings--are not free, independent, thinking, or American.

Question: is the discovery of "racism" by Right-wing reactionaries the unintended consequence and hell-spawn blowback of 3rd wave feminism's development of the critical framework known as intersectionality?

Long time readers know that I love counterfactuals. I also find prediction markets compelling intellectual exercises as well. In that spirit, let's collectively work through the newest Right-wing echo chamber Dunning-Kruger talking point meme.

So then, a game: What will be the next group that Right-wing reactionaries rush to defend against liberal racism? Some preliminary entries:

1) One legged libertarian hermaphrodites?

2) Overweight, left handed millionaires?

3) Tall blondes who read Ayn Rand and belong to their local university's Objectivist Society?

4) Tea Party tea baggers who are discriminated against in the labor market because of their felony status?

Who would you add to the list?


Oh Crap said...

Leftwing of the far right in action...

Abstentus said...

I am not going to repeat the deconstruction I posted on my blog. But I will say, black tea bagger man seems to be deliberately picking a fight there. The whole thing reeks of a set up, trolling for some juicy vid.

Plantsmantx said...

One of the funnier things about all this is that most of the rightists who indulge in this sort of thing are reflecting their own bigoted views of black people.