Thursday, February 17, 2011

Juan Williams Says Chauncey DeVega Committed Black on Black Crime and a Drive-By on Herman Cain

I am glad I avoided this drive-by. This is the new meme folks: liberals are bigots and full of hatred. And of course, Conservatives want to "get past" race.

Insert fingers into throat and induce vomiting.

Oh yeah, Bret Baier doesn't like me either.


Oh Crap said...

Up next: how Chauncey DeVega is proof of the failure of the welfare state, which encourages Blacks to hate education and hard work and that's why we need vouchers for segregation academies.

Meanwhile, all of them will vociferously defend the race-baiting in regular circulation by Lunkhead, or the near-daily use of "Urkel" by fellow crushgirl Tammy Bruce, Dr. Laura's so-called free speech and on it goes.

Black liberals criticizing their handpicked favorites, though, that must be censored.

Shady_Grady said...

Driveby shooting??

Which set you claiming Chauncey?
Got any priors?


uptownsteve said...

I like you Chauncey.

If you ever want to drive past Uncle Juan's porch and spray some caps, I'm down.

The hypocrisy of these coon-servatives is jaw-dropping.

It's okay for Williams to call the First Lady "Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress" for the pleasure of O'Reilly, Hannity and the rest of the Aryan Nation TV gang but Chauncey going after Cain is a federal crime?


40 said...

Chauncey -

To quote my other all time favorite movie "The Spook Who Sat Beside The Door". Herman Cain is your Shorty Duncan and all of this training is gonna start over "some jive ass pusher". Get the intellectual Cobras ready to go, it might be time.

fred c said...

Hate filled, violent progressives and post-racial, compassionate conservatives may be ridiculous on their face, but these people are completely serious and their strategy is working rather well.

I wish us all good luck, and especially you Professor.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

I guess if the powers that be can sucker millions of working-class whites into licking their boots, a handful of black shoe-shiners shouldn't be surprising.

RiPPa said...

So Chauncey, with your new-found fame, so tell, when is your rap album laced with racial epithets be released? And is it safe to say that "Monkey In The Window" will be your first release?

Abstentus said...

Ow my flipping gawd. Bad enough Juan touts the (imaginary) intellectual gifts of Clarence Thomas, he says an out and out lie.

Bush adm. was not more diverse than Obama's.

If I had a chance to talk to Juan I would say that is why black cons get disrespected. They have to believe and repeat lies in order to be conservatives.

Oh Crap said...

If you ever want to drive past Uncle Juan's porch and spray some caps, I'm down.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]The hypocrisy of these coon-servatives is jaw-dropping.[/quote]

White Bowie Steve:

Do you realize that the original "All White Jury" also realized that their comments were not IGNORANT? It is amazing that YOU (and Chancey) refer to another Black man on a public forum using the SAME WORDS that you point to being used on White racist web sites, except THEY are called racist.

Why doesn't WhiteBowieSteve talk about how the US Justice Department were forced to come to Prince Georges County MD to stop the "Murder A Day" that was happening at the start of 2011?

Sadly you all are "Perverted Shells Of The Civil Rights Movement". With the assaults upon our people as numerous at that time in the past - you are unable to come out of your ideological entrenchment and deal with this threat BECAUSE the people doing the most significant amount of the assaults are COMING FROM WITHIN. The benign neglect from your choice to focus upon EXTERNAL THREATS allows them to operate with impunity

chaunceydevega said...

@Ohcrap. Yes, I am the secret force behind deindustrialization and urban decline. You have seen past my mask!

@Shady--Eastside Borders discount card hard eights.

@Shady--Coonservative. That is a quotable good enough for a t-shirt.

@40--I don't fight with one hand behind my back and I don't lose for lack of shooting back.

@Fred C--Be sensitive. White Conservatives are oppressed in America. They need allies.

@Anon-You mean poor white people who vote for the GOP aren't on a plantation of sorts? How dare you!

@Rippa--I have some new quotables and the mixed tape is gonna drop this week. I am trying to squash my beef with Fox buckdancer Juan Williams so he can guest on my premiere track.

@Abstentus--Clarence Thomas is a genius he can sleep through hearings and stand like the mute great black gollum even while writing decisions and cashing his wife's kickback checks.