Friday, February 4, 2011

American Pimp Does Black History Month

One day, far in the future, I will write the book Pimpin' and Reconstruction: Reflections on African American Deviance and Resistance in the Post Civil War South.

Just a quick reminder of sorts, that Black History is made by real people, some heroic, others despicable, and many who are just content to stand by the sidelines of history. We are "blues people." But, black folk are also everyday people. For my dollar, the luxury to be the latter has always been the real goal of the Black Freedom Struggle.


Big Man said...

When black people stop having to worry about "embarassing the race," the struggle will be complete.

CNu said...

For my dollar, the luxury to be the latter has always been the real goal of the Black Freedom Struggle.


instead of asking ProfGeo, I should've asked your thoughts on the prospects for negro nazis in the ameri-reich.

I will never understand the lowest common denominator craving for barbarian culture - but like your boy Cobb say - some'a'ya would be delighted to have Sarah Palin as "die Führerin"

chaunceydevega said...

@Big man--True dat. But we must still beware the pookies and ray ray's.

@Cnu--Negro nazis have always been with us. Jews profited from the holocaust. Why would we think that there wouldn't be turn coat negroes. The black conservatives of the world live to serve their white masters already. I have no doubt that as the world becomes more perilous and resource poor that the black supplicants will only howl for more opportunities to earn privileges from their white masters.

CNu said...

CD - I'm not talking about negroe conservative apologists for barbarian culture.

I'm talking about their more articulate and authoritative co-religionists who lionize all manner of profligacy from prize-fighting to pimping all from the increasingly unproductive though still quite prodigious podium of the academy.

The institutional gatekeepers of entry into the American middle-class (what remains of it) seem plainly complicit in the amerireich inasmuch as;

polity = way of life