Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brother X-Squared Goes to the Movies: Thoughts on Black Swan, True Grit, The Fighter, and the New Year 2011

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to bring you the latest installment in our recurring series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As long time followers of WARNNN already know, Brother X-Squared is a potent activist, black futurist, and visionary thinker. He is also a noted cultural critic in the greatest tradition of African American commentary and letters. The last time we spoke with Brother X-Squared he shared his thoughts on the Tea Party-GOP election, the fall of Barack Obama, and his love of Fox News. As Brother X-Squared did with the 2010 Oscars, he also shared his thoughts on a range of movies including his new favorite Winter's Bone. Brother X-Squared has been traveling the United States during the last month and has returned to share his thoughts on what to expect in 2011, as well his reviews of a number of recent Hollywood films.

WARNNN: It is wonderful to see you again Brother X-Squared. You are a joy to speak with, and as always, your last interview is still resonating across the Internet. How did you spend the New Year? Were you with family and friends? Did you celebrate?

Brother X-Squared: I have so much to teach you Brother Chauncey. I have not spoken to you in a month and already you are on some foolishness. Just when I think you have gained knowledge, you, just like all the other so-called "respectable" negroes in this country, go back to acting like the white man's playthings.

WARNNN: Excuse me? Please be specific. I thought you of all people would have appreciated my comments on Christmas as a "helliday?" I am a bit hurt by your criticism.

Brother X-Squared:
Hurt. Hurt as in our ancestors' backs from the devilish whips and whirling dervishes of the white man's lances and rods? You know nothing of real pain. Your mind state must become hard and calloused so that you can engage the wickedness of Amerikkka in battle! True, you did try to drop some knowledge about Christmas, but you dropped it in the same way that a baby does a bottle! You did it by accident. You did it without intention. You did it passively. You did it despite yourself! Just like one of these saggin' pants cumdroppers who manages to impregnate one of these fallen whorish black women with a bastard child who by pure chance grows up to be a Black God, you simply got lucky. No intent. No sacrifice. Now let's start again: Ask me about my New Year's properly.

Quite frankly, I am shocked. I have never seen you in such a mood. I will politely try again. How did you spend the change of years from 2010 to 2011.

Brother X-Squared:
That is a little better. But only slightly. There is nothing to celebrate Brother Chauncey. As I have predicted, the black man is worse off this year than he has been ever. He is more likely to be poor. He is more likely to be wasting his money on nonsense in the service of the white man's economy. He is no closer to being free. I spend the quote unquote "New Year" as I always do. Deep in meditation, far-thinking, and prognosticating. I am the beginning and the end, I am the Black Guardian of Forever, but even I must synthesize my wisdom.

In fact, as you celebrate this wicked change of years, and as you feebly tried to point out with your "thoughts" on Christmas, the black man is still a slave to consumerism, celebrating a fake ass made up holiday. Moreover, this is so deep, how the White Man Battlestar Galactic Cylon thinker that he is--you best watch that show Caprica, never has there been such an insight in the pedophilia laced narcissism of the White imagination ever on television--manipulates reality. This is not even the year 2011. This calendar is made up by a wicked depraved white man to coincide with those twisted Romans' views of reality. The Gregorian calendar is what it is called. We as new found Black Warriors are on our own calendar.

Much to process. Okay, I understand that the dates are arbitrary. But, what calendar are you on? A Hebrew calendar? A Mayan calendar? Please share.

Brother X-Squared:
Hmmm, you do indeed have mental drapetomania today Brother Chauncey. The date is unknown only to you and other mentally captive negroes. Our calendar begins with 1607, the year the first captive Nubians were brought to this hellish country and purchased at Jamestown! Yes, this is the year. We have been struggling for centuries and that is the only beginning that we must begin our counting of years from. This is now the year 414.

WARNNN: I must confess I never conceived of time in that way. Let me catch my breath for a moment. Okay, what are your thoughts on the upcoming year, specific thoughts on the President, the Tea-Party GOP takeover, and the general state of the Union?

Brother X-Squared: I am so happy to see the Tea Party sex freaks GOP in power. This is glorious. As I warned you several years ago, Obama is a spiritual zero, his life force canceled out by his African sex fiend father and his white mama. Many house negroes--the new word is "post-racial"--thought you could win the approval of the White Man! The White Man is too strong and too smart and too wicked for you weaklings to handle. He set a trap. He let a half-rican into the White House just to bring the temple down on Obama's head. I laugh and mock you all. Educated true Nubians such as Brother X-Squared and his legions saw the con a long way off. The Tea Baggers are just giving you the final blow! They never hid who they were, not for a second. But you fools believed in the good of the American, i.e. the White American people. Good can never, ever come of evil. I have a question for you Brother Chauncey. Are you ready to become a slave again?

WARNNN: What do you mean? Slavery was ended a century or more ago Brother X-Squared. I am all for listening to you and trying to grasp your wisdom, but I have to intervene when you veer into hyperbole and nonsense.

Brother X-Squared: Ha ha ha ha ha! That is why I love you so much. As much as you claim to have knowledge, you are blind to the obvious. The White Man is already talking about a return to "the original Constitution." Just this week, the Tea Party is having secret and closed meetings where that evil white Supreme Court Justice Scalia gives those new age bigots the "secret" meaning of the Constitution. They are publicly talking about making sure that the Constitution is read before every meeting of Congress and passing some law to make sure that Constitutional "principles" are obeyed in this country! The Constitution is a bigoted, racist document that supported slavery. Those White devils are loading the guns and loading them in your faces and you passive American born neo-slaves sit and get ready to take the blast. Some of you will even suck on the barrel of the gun like it is your momma's plump tit. Sick.

WARNNN: I have to admit I did not think of that at first. I can appreciate your sentiment that white racism and racial resentment drives the Republicans and the New Right. In fact, I have written about that myself many times. But, they are a nominally "diverse" group of people. In fact, they even have a black Representative from Florida, and there are other black Republicans now in Congress. They would not ever let a thing like that happen.

Brother X-Squared: Fool. There were black overseers during slavery. The black man who held the whip was worse than the white slave master! Those boot-licking Tom Negroes and Handkerchief head Aunt Jemima types like that hellish Oprah Winfrey who was given an award by the Kennedy Center! (a foul, evil, and corrupt white family connected to the Illuminati) would do anything to please their white owners. Centuries later, there are still some black people so sick and pathological that they will lay in bed with the White Man. Those Black Conservatives are cowards and traitors, but at least they are pragmatic. Here is how there sickness is so so deep and the White man's game so strong.

Listen to the race traitors speak, men who would have been the subject of Franz Fanon's wisdom years past, those Michael Steele's and Allen West's, they get no greater pleasure than being cuckolded by the White Man. It brings them joy. You presume that the Black lapdogs do not want to be slaves, thus their interest is yours. Nope, don't fall for that bit of mental trickery! They want to be slaves. And they want you captive negroes to go along with it! Brother X-Squared is too strong. Too powerful. Too wise to fall for such a thing! Because I know the Constitution, I can use it to defend myself! That original heathen document provided for treaties with the Native tribes--most blessed be our Red brothers and sisters who will one day have justice when Mother Earth demands penance--I am a member of the New Age Black Panthers. We continue with the traditions of the lost tribes of Elders who rightfully rule the Earth! Thus, we demand equal treatment under the White Man's "founding" document.

There is other trickery afoot here Brother Chauncey. The assault on our subliminals in preparation for the Tea-Party revolution and (re)enslavement of the Black Man has already begun in earnest. Who does that black neo-slave Allen West look like? What celebrity?

WARNNN: I never thought he looked "famous" per se. If anything, sort of like a G.I. Joe action figure?

Brother X-Squared: You are getting better. You have been studying. Close but no cigar...but the action figure, a foul device, it is neutered. It has no genitals. Not a coincidence that a neutered black man would be the mascot for the White Man. No, he looks just like Jim Brown from that evil hellish movie The Running Man starring that sick race mixing quasi Nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger! Oh yes. Did you see that movie? About an America that is failed, where people are homeless, sitting around watching a twisted show with runaway slaves who get hunted and killed for sport while you dumb troglodytes watch and clap like trained monkeys. America in what you call "2011" is the world of The Running Man! The end is near
Brother Chauncey.

WARNNN: It is fitting that you mentioned The Running Man--what was a great example of the late 20th century action genre. In our pre-interview you specifically mentioned several movies that you have seen and want to share with our audience. Based on that talk, I believe that at least one of these films was the source of the not common anger you demonstrated earlier in our chat.

Brother X-Squared: Anger. You know nothing of anger. Just as absolute zero is an abstraction or the gravity in a black hole's event horizon is something that mere mortals cannot comprehend, you know nothing of Brother X-Squared's rage and power. Because your mental defense membranes are incapable of blocking the full force of my wisdom, I only give you one iota of my power. So rage. So no, you have not seen rage Brother Chauncey.

WARNNN: I beg your apologies.

Brother X-Squared:
Does a type five civilization even acknowledge a type zero civilization's presence...I thought not. Moving forward. I saw several films these past weeks as a favor to the readers of WARNNN. I am strong enough to withstand the tricknology on display at the local cinema and braved forth into the light of the white man's evil. And so evil it was. I saw things I have not seen ever in a movie...including that most sick movie Splice. Oh yes, even worse than that sex freak race mixing movie.

WARNNN: I have to ask. Did you see Tron in 3D? I am so excited to see it and am waiting for it not to be so packed and...

Brother X-Squared: No! What did I tell you about 3D! It is a guaranteed way for the White Man to manipulate your Nubian mindstate. Avoid those movies at all cost. Now let me begin. First, I saw the comedy The Fighter. Oh, I have never laughed so hard. This movie was almost better than the laugh out loud movie Winter's Bone. It featured that Christian Bale and that wannabe hip hop underwear model white negro Mark Wahlberg playing a bunch of poor white losers in some rat hole abandoned town called Lowell, Massachusetts. The film was a powerful performance. We got to see white crime and violence--their natural state! White primitive behavior--the sisters of the main characters were so primitive, with their big hair, trashy clothes and nasty looking poor white trash ways. So wonderful! There was emasculation of the White Man in almost every scene. But you see, even in comedy the White Man assaults the Black Man's mindstate. The Christian Bale character plays a drug addict crack head. And Lord he does such a good job of it. But guess what, he lost all of that weight for the role and looked so pathetic. Brother Chauncey, who is the White Man's mass media now depicting as a crack head, as a disappearing man?

WARNNN: I don't know...

Brother X-Squared:
Of course you wouldn't. Your hero President Obama. Look at those photos and how similar they are! Not a coincidence! The White Man in his movies is attacking you subliminally, priming the battlefield to further destroy your man-child President. I laugh at the transparent ways of The White Man! So easily discovered.

Okay, what other films did you see. You sounded like you enjoyed The Fighter though?

Brother X-Squared:
I found pleasure while revealing the White Man's evil. I also saw True Grit. You know I love the Coen Brothers. They are experts at depicting the wickedness of white people and the sickness of their ways. That movie Fargo, oh how funny, those ice people cave dwelling Caucasoids living in the middle of nowhere killing each other was wondrous. I especially love the actors William H. Macy and Steve Buscemi. If I had a theater company they would star in all my productions so I could feature the White Man as pitiable loser in every feature. That having been said True Grit was also evil. But, its evil was more revealing of the ways of white folks and how they are trying with that Sarah Palin dingbat to bring the "real" America back. The Western is America's natural motif. The White Man loves that fiction. He gets to conquer some land, kill Indians, be a hero, and rule the world. All with this lie he called Manifest Destiny. The joke Brother Chauncey being that the only manifest destiny for the White Man is hell!

This True Grit movie has deep subliminals. The white men in this movie are dirty and foul and disgusting. They don't bathe and they kill each other. In fact, one even practices cannibalism and walks around wearing a bear skin! A double assault as the bear is a blessed creature and no White Man is fit to wear his skin. There are even sick sexual subtexts in the film, where the main character, a little girl of some 14 years old or something, is the object of lust by the White Men in the movie. Sick!

But you see, the film features magical negro slaves that serve the little girl. Grown men who serve her beck and call. There is a little slave child who works in a barn who gives this white ice queen a black horse. This is so deep! The horse is called Little Blackie! Oh yes! How symbolic. The whole word revolves around a little white girl just like in that other sick example of white narcissism, the movie The Lovely Bones. Just as in the real world, black and brown children get kidnapped and no one cares. Let one little white girl go missing and the world stops!

The evil Jeff Bridges' character later works this horse to exhaustion such that the poor beast dies. Powerful and revealing. So true as the black man is the engine for this country and has been worked to death!

But there are layers upon layers in this movie. There are no Black cowboys. No Mexican cowboys! No Asian cowboys! The Coen brothers white washed history! They removed the great Nubian cowboys like Deadwood Dick to make way for their evil white fantasy. Moreover, there is another meaning here, just as the evil Pastor Manning tried to share a few weeks ago in one of his "sermons." The white men of The Old West were real White men. They weren't cowards like the Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, the Tea baggers. Oh no. You cowardly neo-slaves are lucky that White men like those in True Grit aren't in charge anymore. They would have put you back into bondage no questions asked. White men are in crisis in this country and their only heroes are in movies like True Grit where they can play some fantasy and wish fulfillment. Little girls, magical negroes, black horses, filth and nastiness, True Grit is a projection of the White Man's psyche! Be very careful when you see this film. Do not bring Nubian Queens or children into the movie as their gentle souls are not prepared.

WARNNN: You also saw Black Swan?

Brother X-Squared: Oh goodness yes. This was the sickest movie in recent years. It features bestiality and such a twisted story that is not to be believed. It geniusly depicts white evil and the way that white women are so hypersexual and obsessive even with their own mothers. But that Natalie Portman was too too much. The movie assaults the mindstate of a proud Nubian by telling the story from the point of view of a crazy person! Yes, an insane woman! The Black Man cannot possibly understand the twisted ways of White People. Impossible. Then in a true moment of unequaled sickness, that Natalie Portman starts shape-shifting and becomes a black swan. This is deep! Europeans have long believed in shape shifting demonic creatures. This is all so arrogant, the absurdity that a white person could embody the energy of Black and white. That is a physical and psychic impossibility. But you see, madness is part of White culture. And then, please protect me most High Law Given Nubian ruler of the universe, the play has a White man playing a "Black" Swan and they are to have sex with each other. I cannot even give a proper account of this movie. So hellish it was. Stay away. Stay far, far, away. I had to burn sage in my home to purify it after coming back from the movie and I bathed in sandalwood oil and black soap. I have never been so unsettled by a film.

WARNNN: That was powerful Brother X-Squared. Thank you for enduring that experience for us. I do hope that folks will heed your warning. If you have the strength left, can you share something with us that we do not already know.

Brother X-Squared: My strength is infinite. Black fool superheroes and black fools who rape women with snakes.

WARNNN: What are you talking about?

Brother X-Squared: In Washington State, there is apparently a Black fool by the name of Phoenix Jones running around in a costume saving people in distress. This brother is apparently inspired by that Kick Ass movie--another White abomination--and is wasting his energy. He needs to join up with the natural Black Men in the Renewed Black Panther Party and fight for real justice. The second story is about a sick episode where two captive lost negroes who have watched too much of that evil White Man's pornography raped a woman with a snake. This is demonic! The snake is a natural symbol of the White Man's evil and obsession with the dark arts. In Obama's America so-called black men are using the foul beast to violate people. Disgusting. And sick. One more sign of what Obama and this post-race nonsense has unleashed on America! This society is doomed.

WARNNN: As always you both impress and amaze. So much to digest. We can't wait to have you back soon.

Brother X-Squared: I am always here, even when I am not. I am on the front lines fighting for you weak negroes and will do so until I cannot lift my cudgel anymore. I am forever. I am infinite.


xulon said...

Enjoyed this post. Um ... there is this little, I don't know, arithmetic issue that may have been deliberate, but my obsessive arithmetic brain is having a time keeping me from mentioning. Mach nichts, you know? (crap! my deutscher is coming out)

Thanks again.

Plane Ideas said...

Yawn....I like satire that takes me places I have not visited this is tired:-)

chaunceydevega said...

@xulon--Don't try to understand the mathematics of Brother X Squared.

@Thrasher. you are just so far ahead of us all. Brother X-Squared is a recurring guest so best get used to him.

Are there are other folks you would like to invite?

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

"Mental drapetomania" may be Brother X-Squared's best turn of phrase yet. And I do appreciate his respect for bears.

Plane Ideas said...


Not far ahead just an old G

I will give it some thought..We can always invite Samuel Clemens he dealt with a lot of nigger tales of fiction.. BTW I have no problem deleting his fictional words of nigger from Huck Finn.. I found hi to be a coward invoking imaginary themes to write about the reality of white supremacy etc...Just sayin..

marci said...

welcome back brother...
you have made my morning...
only tron has reached uk shores as far as i know and i was body swerving it..
i would happily go to the cinema with you..
(as long as you don't take issue with my penchant for salted popcorn...)
i am over obama.. he is so 'stunted..' even the way he dresses...
my father thinks he dresses like a 70's dept store mannequin..
i'll say no more... we get enough flak as it is across the pond...

Unknown said...

You call that guy a respectale nigger? He lied even about finishing high school and Im not even mentioning his phony ass Doctorate or whatever the hell he is claiming, You have to finish grade school before you can claim any post studies diploma, newsflash nigger. Wir mussen die niggers Ausrotten.