Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Closing the Digital Divide: Wrestling Legend Kamala and His Son Koonta do Reality TV

Indulge me. It is the holidays. As Ta-Nehisi Coates, fellow ghetto nerd, shared in his book The Beautiful Struggle, "Go see Kamala the Ugandan Giant. And you will understand. As I do, that the nigger is from Alabama." Nevertheless, I remain a mark for all things Kamala and Kamala-related.

Some quick thoughts:

Who would have thought that Kamala was such a keen observer of public affairs?

Or that he was an artist of the first degree, a veritable wordsmith through song? A master of double meanings, metaphor, and flourishes of language?

And why do I get a Mississippi Masala vibe from watching his reality show (those who have seen the movie will the get joke. If anyone knows Sarita Choudhury please send her my email for she is still the goddess of my dreams.)

Aren't production values everything? If you had the producers of Hogan Knows Best working on the Kamala and Koonta (minstrel) show their humble home would indeed be a mansion. Literally.

Hot damn. Kamala is so talented that you can only contain him. He can't be beaten.


Anonymous said...

I, I don't... I can't even...

Also, I'll have to insist that you keep your hands off Sarita Chauncey. I have loved that woman since I first laid eyes on her (even though, for a woman of color, she hasn't aged all that well).

chaunceydevega said...

Sarita is mine. All mine.

But perhaps, just perhaps we could share her.