Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Political Analogy Part 2: The Republican Tea Party Victory is to the 2010 Election as the Notorious Purple Smurf is to Red State America

The Smurfs: has there ever been a children's television cartoon series as twisted and subversive?

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. I have something more substantial coming later today. But in the near term, the results of the Republican rout of the Democrats reminded me of the truism that sometimes the American people don't get what they want or what they need. Instead, they get exactly what they deserve.

Now, the lemmings who followed the Tea Party GOP off the ledge on Tuesday are going to get exactly what they wished for. The question becomes, will they have buyer's remorse come election day 2012?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no. They'll blame their coming ills on minorities, immigrants, and the poor.


Paul Sunstone said...

I think Berto Anon is right on the mark with this one: When reality comes knocking for the Tea Partiers, then watch out minorities, immigrants, and the poor!

Chauncey, I'm betting Tea Partiers are like dogs. Like dogs, their masters, the corporations and the uber-rich, can kick and beat them all they want and the Partiers will still remain loyal to their masters.

Anonymous said...

Not what we want or need but what we deserve.
Much as the “we” feels forced, I have forced myself to say, for example, that we elected Bush although it was obviously not on my vote.