Friday, November 5, 2010

The Politics of Paranoia: Of Conspiracy Theories, Nukes, and Barack Obama's Trip to India

Just because you are paranoid, does not mean that you are crazy.

A thorough knowledge of conspiracy theories is a rite of passage for ghetto nerds. For we ghetto nerds who happen to be Black in America, this compulsion is doubly reinforced because of the historical circumstances of our people.

Imagine if you would: Over three centuries, tens of millions of people are transported across the world in the hellish bowels of ships, in the process create a new culture that combines the African and the European, and then are treated as "anti-citizens" in what is ostensibly the greatest democracy on Earth. Talk about a plot worthy of a science fiction movie that would be consigned to fantasy if not so fantastical and true.

Ultimately, Black Americans know that the absurd can more often than not be true, because the ancestors' entry into the magical horrible beasts--how Olaudah Equiano described the foul killing slave ships and their barbarous crews--and our emergence thousands of miles later and worlds apart in the Americas is a lesson in the unbelievable. Thus, our sensitivity to the conspiratorial imagination. And what are conspiracies if not ways of our making sense of a seemingly crazy world?

On one hand, this is a competitive advantage as black folks and the ghetto nerd legions often have a preternatural sense and wisdom where little surprises us (9/11? saw it coming; the collapse of the dollar. Your point is?; the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments here and in Guatemala? Duh!) .

Yet on the other hand, this priming to believe in conspiracy theories has often confused many a young traveler as they are seduced by the nonsense talk of Brother Africa X at the local bookstore as he weaves fictions about Black Cleopatra and space traveling Egyptians.

So in the interest of sharing knowledge amongst friends, here is a provocative conspiracy theory that arrived in my email this morning. So why in fact is President Barack Obama going overseas with a flotilla of ships? What of the timing of his foreign trip and the Federal Reserve's reckless monetary policies? How did the United States lose contact with 50 nuclear missiles? Is the shadow government on the move? Is this weekend THE weekend when IT goes down?

Enquiring (and conspiratorial) minds want to know...

Stay Out of Major Cities This Weekend? Conspiracy?
What is going on? The president is leaving overseas with 34 warships, 65 airplanes, almost all his staff and a good number of friends (rumored 3000 people). This has never happened in American History. Is this acclimation or the real deal? You just got to wonder.

What about the loss of communication with the 50 nukes. Was it a test, dry run? How was it that it was exactly 50, and not 49 or any other number? Could it be one for every capital of every state?

What better way to get the North American Union, new monetary system, new constitution, NWO, etc…than to just take out all the state capitals. I would not put anything passed the Illuminati.

There are other stories out there including rumors of Bank holidays as early as 11/11, but I cannot confirm. To me all of this suggests the possibility of a serious situation coming this weekend and the close beyond. Would it be a good idea to stay away from major cities, and major state capitals? How about some emergency supplies and resources? I think so, but you have to make up your own mind. Being wise and prepared can’t hurt, but playing lite could potentially kill you.

It is true that all this could be nothing more than acclimation, sort of like “the frog in the boiling pot”. But since we do not know, all we can do is back in to things as best we can, though this means that we’ll get things wrong more often than not. It could also help change the mind of the evil masters and help avert /delay the disaster.

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aham said...

Nothing like a combination of humor and a synopsis of others' suffering to make you feel infinitely better about your own life. Thank You Mr. DEVEGA