Monday, November 15, 2010

Brother X-Squared, Black Radical Genius, on President Obama's Trip to India, the 2010 Tea Party GOP Midterms, and the Movie "Unstoppable"

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to bring you the latest installment in our recurring series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party.

As long time followers of WARNNN already know, Brother X-Squared is a potent activist, black futurist, and visionary thinker. His observations and opinions have had explosive power as they draw attention from points far and wide, and all directions on the political compass.

It has been several months since our last conversation with Brother X-Squared. He now returns from his self-imposed exile to offer his opinions on such wide ranging topics as President Barack Obama, the 2011 midterm elections, and the current state of popular culture, arts, and letters.

WARNNN: Hello Brother X-Squared. It has been such a long time since we last spoke. What have you been up to? Where have you been? So much has transpired in these last few months. Our readers have been repeatedly asking as to your whereabouts, and are hungry for your insights.

Brother X-Squared: I see that you are gracious and humble before me. I appreciate that. Oftentimes, you are a bit obstinate and willful Brother Chauncey. Perhaps now you are hungry for my wisdom. Although, because of my absence, I will have to begin slowly and speak like a genius to a child as your mental mind state has become flaccid and your brain incapable of handling my melanin infused genius. I have been off getting ready for the inevitable fall of this wicked country. As I predicted, all of the forces of capitalist witchcraft racist exploitation are finally bringing down this house that race built. The foundation is rotten. A hurricane is coming to cleanse Amerikkka from the Earth! It will be glorious to behold!

WARNNN: Are you that cynical? Is the U.S. really at its end? When will this happen? The date, the year? Please share.

Brother X-Squared: Sorry Brother Chauncey. Knowledge is reserved for those who have earned it. The captive black man in America deserves his fate. Once he comes into full knowledge, the so-called Black American neo-slave will come to Brother X-Squared and the renewed Black Panthers. This is Nubian Darwinism in action. Only the strong survive. I am ready: I have soybeans, hemp, peanuts, mineral water, shea butter, and many volumes of books for when the time is right. What a joke your Obamazombies are! So happy to have a halfrican prince in "charge" as "President." They done pulled the nigger wool over your sleepy eyes. What a beautiful irony. You weak captive negroes cheered "yes, we can!" just as history will remember Obama as the last President of the American Empire. He is your Nero! Lapdog fools.

WARNNN: Are you happy about this?

Brother X-Squared: How does a black coon dog who has just treed a white opossum on the evening before Juneteenth in the middle of a rainstorm feel?

WARNNN: Huh? What are you talking about? Coon dogs? Juneteenth?

Brother X-Squared: Once more, you have no knowledge of your own history, the Africanisms that live in all true Nubians. Pathetic. The answer is yes! Oh yes, I am happy. The 2010 Tea Bagger election is one more nail in the coffin of this racist country. The chickens are coming home to roost and they are going to smother the white devils and their colored supplicants who run this country.

WARNNN: Since you introduced the topic. Please give us more thoughts on the tea party election? What do you think caused it? How does Fox News, and Sarah Palin with her "mamma grizzlies" fit into this puzzle? What could Obama have done to help the Democrats?

Brother X-Squared: So much to explain. This is so simple. The White House is a white house. It was built with slave labor. There is no way for a black man to have justice in this society. Even though Obama is a spiritual zero because his white momma's energy canceled out his hot in the pants African daddy's melanin force, Obama is still a half-negro. He can't escape the force of history! Impossible!

WARNNN: Be careful now, isn't that a bit close to the nonsense on genes, blood, and mystical forces that D'Souza and Gingrich were peddling about Obama and his father?

Brother X-Squared: Caution is for weak negroes such as yourself. D'Souza and Gingrich--two sick and twisted white devils, the former being a coconut who would take that insult as a complement--have no idea about the powers of the Zombi! What we true Africans know to be rooted in Haiti home of the Black radical freedom fighter visionary Toussaint L'Ouverture! Oh yes, a great man who drove out the white devils from his country. The weak white man was afraid of the mystical forces embodied by human black gold they brought to their so-called "new world." Our obeah powers, our Voodoo, our Candomble put a psychic scar on white people. To this day most ofays tremble with fear of the night. So it is natural that when they see a halfrican mulatto--even though his negritude melanin forces are very diluted--like Obama that white folks would be terrified. Thus, their use of atom bombs and fighter planes and machine guns to conquer the world for the white man doesn't have the virility or strength to engage true Nubians and our colored allies in physical, psychic, or intellectual battle!

Ultimately, the leadership of this country is rotten down to its core. The funny thing is, the white devils who run things really only care about green and gold! Money. They get those dumb hillbilly angry white people to put on costumes and run around acting stupid. A diversion from the big plan. Moreover, as some smart white race warriors such as Joe Feagin have pointed out, the white people in this country are delusional, sick with this thing called "the white racial frame." Their minds can't even process or accept that a so-called black man is President. They are losing their damn minds. Imagine if a real Nubian warrior such as Brother X-Squared were in charge. The sex-freak tea bagger crowd would have certainly committed hara-kiri! Mass suicide!

WARNNN: What of Fox News and Sarah Palin?

Brother X-Squared: I love Fox News!

WARNNN: Huh? Are you serious?

Brother X-Squared: Again, you are playing the white man's two dimensional checkers while I am playing that Star Trek 3d chess mixed up with that Star Wars holographic effect. You and the other captive Africans in America will never be free because you don't understand the white man's tricknology. He hides things in plain sight. Right out in the open just like the Russians during the Cold War and those devilish slave traders the British during World War Two. Fox News, Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are telling you everything they are going to do their enemies. Everyday they give marching orders to their armies. You fools sit around trying to reveal some deeper meaning behind the words of those devils. There is none. That cabal of Caucasian evil believes in eliminationism. They are going to wipe you black and brown fools out and leave some around to be slaves. Watch. You will see.

WARNNN: That is so much hyperbole.

Brother X-Squared: Prove to me that I am wrong. You have a bunch of drug addicted likely pedophiles in Beck and Limbaugh leading a whole revolution of similarly deranged white people and their black and brown overseers. If you can't see what is as plain as that big negro nose on your face, I can't help open your eyes. On that Palin witch. Now, she is dangerous. If you knew your history you would know that most of those fascists like Hitler and the KKK for example, knew how to use the "so called" sacred idea of white women's nobility and purity to motivate white people into killing black and brown people. Think of how many Nubians were hung from trees because some white trash Southern woman cried rape. As though a proud Black man would lay with such a thing, especially given that from slavery on, the white woman would come to the Nubian god for an infusion of melanin life force that her weak-willed husband could not give her. Why take what you can get for free! Oh yes! Riddle me that!

But, there is something truly devious going on with Sarah Palin. Do you see it Brother Chauncey?

WARNNN: Hmmmm, her false populism? Palin's ability to mine white racial resentment around a narrative of "real America?"

Brother X-Squared: You think too much. "Mamma grizzlies" is a perversion! Another signal to the sex deviancy practiced by the tea baggers. These white sick sex perverts have a political movement based on putting one's testicles in the faces of people. They are capable of anything. That mama grizzly mess is a signal to bestiality! Oh yes! These tea bagger white people are sick! It is doubly disgusting because as our indigenous Brown and Red brothers--all high respect do to our allies in the struggle--have taught us the bear is a powerful creature of sacred power! A truly noble creature from Mother Gaia is now debased by the craven likes of Sarah Palin. Palin so hates you black people, even that Uncle Tom Pastor Manning can see it, that she has photos taken with a slave catching net! Oh the evil is so transparent!

WARNNN: Did I tell you how much we missed you? Never, ever, would I have put those pieces together in such a way...

Brother X-Squared: You are a child at the knees of Brother X-Squared, a padawan. I on the other hand am Master Yoda. Next question.

WARNNN: What are your thoughts on Barack Obama and his trip to India?

Brother X-Squared: More greatness. The truth is like an onion, layered, hidden, burning to the eyes of those whose mental nictitating protective membranes are not prepared. Obama is a middle man, he is sent to grovel to the brown peoples of the Earth for money. Uncle Sam, who in reality was a meat salesman before his visage was used to get dumb Americans to go die by the thousands in Europe during World War One, is dead broke. Now he goes around with a begging bowl. So ironic given that brothers like DuBois and those at the Bandung Conference were predicting that the darker races would rule the Earth! Now that moment is finally here. So wondrous to see history unfurl before our very eyes.

Did you know that Obama is likely practicing some type of witchcraft and mysticism while in India?

WARNNN: What are you talking about? Again, that sounds preposterous. He is there to negotiate a trade agreement and to make sure that the U.S. can try to balance China's growth and influence as she rises to superpower status.

Brother X-Squared: It is often the most ignorant who are the most assured in their beliefs. And that is most certainly you and not me in this case...

The Indians are tricky. In fact, they are Aryans--white people! They, like Obama, have a veneer of color on them. But in reality, they, like the captive black man in America, worship whiteness and the British culture! Even in this country the Indians were declared white for purposes of immigration and to be exempt from Jim Crow! How absurd, many of those so-called Indians are darker than most natural born Nubians, but somehow they get called White! Sick.

Thus, Indians can marshal all sorts of wicked powers. Hitler's spiritual guide was an Aryan Indian wannabe. I bet you simple minded black Americans did not know that! You see Chauncey, in Indian there are these people called Death Eaters who are cannibals. They hang around the Ganges and the funeral pyres. Like zombies, they eat the flesh of the dead! That is why Obama is going. He is trying to get some insight and magical powers to help a dying regime and a dead presidency! The truth is there for those who want to see it! Obama is a just a Waka Flocka halfrican walking around dancing for money like a common minstrel or ghetto hoodlum. That is how the world sees him because it is true! No real Nubian warrior would ever be so humiliated.

WARNNN: You are a keen observer of popular culture. I know that in our pre-interview, you were quite upset by the recent Denzel Washington movie Unstoppable.

Brother X-Squared: That movie is foul and hellish. It approaches Transformer 2 levels of white supremacy and evil. I left Unstoppable feeling so dirtied that I had to wash with Shea butter and reapply my sandalwood ointment.

WARNNN: Please share.

Brother X-Squared. The idea of a train out of control is a slap in the face to the natural black man. The Nubian Warrior is the only real train in America! Possessed of such power we drove this country's economy as slaves and now we possess the potential energy that will blow this place off of its foundations! As I said in an earlier interview, Brother X-Squared is the only unstoppable locomotive crushing white people's proverbial cars on the railroad tracks.

What does the white man do with his tricknology? He makes a movie where Denzel Washington, who played Malcolm X, is a slave to some young white boy. The black man drives the train for a racist white engineer--how prophetic, as the white man is a natural engineer of death and destruction--in that Chris Pine who played Captain Kirk, the legendary race mixer in that hellish Star Trek movie. Then Denzel's character risks his life to save a city full of white people! How absurd! Consider the symbolism, Malcolm X dying for white people! How sick.

You saw the movie did you not? Did you like it?

WARNNN: I am afraid to answer. I would admit that it was a fun diversion and...

Brother X-Squared: Shut up. Of course you would like Unstoppable. I do most certainly need to come around more often to right your thinking. The movie has subliminal wickedness as well. The train's number is 777. What should be a lucky number in the Arabic system is made an evil number by white tricknology! The numbers are even colored red, red as in blood and death! That sick Unstoppable near pornographic movie even assaults our beautiful Nubian women. The two queens in the movie are neo-sex slaves who work at Hooters! Showing off their intimate parts while serving fried chicken to obese, greasy, white men as though they were common harlots in massa's bedchamber.

The movie even has a sick, sick image, one so deep that you and those other common negroes must have missed it. Denzel is risking life and limb to save a town full of white people when he should have let that train blow up and kill them all. Such a noble black slave, a magical negro who serves white people in the ways they imagined good slaves to. Who shows up just in time to save the day? A white racist hillbilly driving a red F-150 pickup truck! This is the vehicle white racists drive. They use it to drag black people by ropes until they die! Sick. White supremacy works in such subtle and obvious ways. It truly is the greatest invention of all time.

WARNNN: I have to admit that you ruined a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. Your wisdom is overwhelming at times. Along with your enthusiastic thumbs down for Unstoppable, you also had a movie recommendation to share?

Brother X-Squared: Yes. I loved the comedy Winter's Bone:

WARNNN: I saw that movie. Yes, it is a great film, but it is more of a tragic, noir flavored drama, almost Coen brothersesque in its sensibilities.

Brother X-Squared. Not to me. That movie about those white trash Appalachia hill people was so wondrous. White cave dwellers, the natural state of "the Caucasian" on full display as they kill each other, eat squirrels, and live in utter poverty was a great thing to see. Like that devil klansman Woodrow Wilson said, this movie was like "writing history with lightening." I just purchased Winter's Bone on DVD and will be screening it everyday for my family and children. Oh yes! The white man's natural ways revealed for us all.

WARNNN: As always I am shocked and amazed. Will you please bless us again in the much more near future with your wisdom Brother X-Squared? It really has been too long.

Brother X-Squared: I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am here and everywhere. I will return soon to provide your intellectually drapetomaniac lost negroes more guidance and knowledge of self.


Constructive Feedback said...

Mr DeVega:

The next time that you speak with Brother X-Squared could you ask his opionion about the White Progressive Snarling Fox and Black Inferiorist Tim Wise?

Don't sell Mr Wise as a "friend of the Negro" in that he brings messages about what "White folks say about us behind our backs".

INSTEAD ask Brother X-Squred to note that in none of his major interviews or publications has Tim Wise EVER told the Black man WHAT HE MUST DO TO OBTAIN EQUALITY WITH THE WHITE MAN.......or at minimum what we must do internally so that we can fortify our community, circling our wagons and keeping all negative forces out.

It is stunning how one man (CD) can be in agreement with two different firebrands, each of whom are talking different languages. At some point we must question the middle man.

The Ghetto Intellectual™ said...

LOL!Bro. X-squared is da dude--not very far from the truth.

@ mr. feedback--Wise's audience is mostly white folks. His core theme, as i understand it, is that white people have been wanting in terms of integrity, in terms of equity, in terms of social justice. GI

Constructive Feedback said...

The Ghetto Intellectual:

To the contrary. Mr Wise enjoys his greatest amount of adoration among Negro audiences who see him as a messenger that tells them what WHITE FOLKS say about BLACK FOLKS when we are not around. He is merely an agent provocateur who keeps the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" Negroes riled up and focused upon their ideological ADVERSARIES.

What we need to inspect him for is the content in his message which notes ANYTHING that Black people must do to produce any particular ORGANIC COMPETENCES.

Register Mr Wise for a tour of various HBCUs. He would draw a standing room only audience of Black people who are unwise to the danger of a White Liberal Snarling Fox, unconstrained in their midst.

CareyCarey said...

Chauncey, I don't know if I should hold'em or fold'em, but I have to say I understood much of Brother X-Squared's analogies. I laughed at his following words and your reply

" How does a black coon dog who has just treed a white opossum on the evening before Juneteenth in the middle of a rainstorm feel?

WARNNN: Huh? What are you talking about? Coon dogs? Juneteenth?"

See, I instantly knew what he was talking about.

I could go on and on championing some of his wisdom, but I don't want the FBI knocking on my door.

On a side note, I was more confused at CF's words than anything Brother X-Squared said.

I loved this whole exchange, and your responses cracked me up.

I have not stopped by in a while, so I don't know if you voiced your opinion of Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls? I'd love to hear your view, and maybe that of Brother X-Squared.

chaunceydevega said...

I spoke to my friend Brother X-Squared and here are his responses, respectively:

@Constructive. Beware those who speak with forked tongues! Once more the white man hides his wickedness in plain sight.

Your name itself betrays your evil--"constructive" and "feedback" there is nothing constructive about you. In fact, that is tricknology at work.

Your totem---and never forget how totems channel life force--is a White man! White people used black labor to construct their whole civilization! "Feedback" destroys the mindstate of lost negroes. I know your evil so I am immune. You are a beacon of confusion, like a quasar of black self-hate and white superiority spewing vile energy out to these Internets. True Nubians know to beware your type and to take up arms in order to beat you down back into the hole from which you crawled out of just as the proverbial snake in Eden.

@Carey. My queen. Brother X-Squared needs you in his orbit. I am the Sun. You are more than ready to be one of my moons for you understand the sacred Africanisms that nurture our people. Come to me.

I will never consume any of that filth produced by Tyler Perry. Disgusting transvestism that shows how the black manhood has been feminized by the white man and his Hollywood enablers!

Constructive Feedback said...

Brother Chauncey:

Where do I start.
I assume that your buddy was talking about Tim Wise when he talked about "forked tongues" and "hiding wickedness" in PLAIN SIGHT.

So tell me, my good man, Chauncey - since YOU vouched for the character of the Black Inferiorist Tim Wise and yet your buddy X-Squared said this about him above: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION about X-Squared against the White Liberal Snarling Fox that you have taken up company with?

I was disappointed that X-Squared said nothing about my observations of Tim Wise having NOTHING to say about the development of organic competencies within the Black community via the institutions that we now control.

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr X-Squared - when your other friend RiPPa paired me up with you about 9 months ago I held off on any critique of you, instead choose to agree to disagree without the ego battle and tear down that is so common among our consciousness group.


[quote]Your totem---and never forget how totems channel life force--is a White man! White people used black labor to construct their whole civilization![/quote]

X-Squared - I am far more interested in TO-DAMNED-DAY - getting the BLACK MIND and BODY DEPLOYED so that in the communities that are under control of our local interest groups can be built up as the institutions (schools, etc) develop the COMPETENCIES that we need to achieve this goal.

[quote] "Feedback" destroys the mindstate of lost negroes. I know your evil so I am immune. [/quote]

I am "evil"?
Please define "evil", applying it to some index?

You are a beacon of confusion, like a quasar of black self-hate and white superiority spewing vile energy out to these Internets.

Wow. And here I thought that you were a "deep brother"?
You confuse PROTECTIONISM of the Left-wing, Progressive Dogma that is POPULAR within the Black community with the consciousness of mind that ties our HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STRUGGLE with the PERMANENT INTERESTS that we can all agree upon.

You mistake my HATRED for those who USE OUR PEOPLE'S GRIEVANCES with SELF-HATRED. I have no "self-hatred" for my people. I have HATRED FOR THE EMBEDDED LARVAL AGENTS who HIJACK our interests.

[quote] True Nubians know to beware your type and to take up arms in order to beat you down back into the hole from which you crawled out of just as the proverbial snake in Eden.[/quote]

Beat Me - X-Squared?
Aren't there enough Black men being BEATEN by others for you to agree that this is an effective strategy?

I accept that you have a different IDEOLOGICAL view than I do. I would hope that your superior sense of consciousness that you have as compared to mine would afford you the ability to put forth a SYSTEM by which my views and your views can be adequately evaluated and some DEMOCRATIC process is used to identify which is most in line with obtaining our PERMANENT INTERESTS along with the adequate "corporate memory" to recall the POPULAR points that were tried before, FAILED, and which should not be considered again.

Its not grand, X-Squared that I am not so WEAK MINDED that I need to seek your "certification" and thus would dare temper my beliefs so I can MEET YOUR STAMP OF CERTIFICATION?

CareyCarey said...

To my brotha X times X,

Lame-a-ti cap-a-town, wah-dah-tah.

My father's name was gail and he gave much hell if someone addressed him as Gale, as if he was a woman. Dill-ess-on the pep-a-tane, teb-bee-chi.

My name is Carey, not carrie, Wah-dah-tah. So I am not looking forward to coming to you on the mother ship, nor being your queen. Brother X-Squared sep-a-tai, I know you're down for the cause, but I am not down for bumping nuts sack with you, wah-dah-tah. You may be the Sun, but I am not on the down low, cup-a-chow? Tebby chai, I say, and holla when it''s safe. It's Mr Carey.

chaunceydevega said...

X-Squared write:

Do you see Brother Carey! How the whiteman's tricknology is so powerful that even I Brother X-Squared am not immune to. When the electrons came onto my screen it said Sister Carey! There is no way a proud Nubian God Warrior would ever lay with another man. That is called homosexuality. It was introduced to the black man by perverse white Europeans!

Stay strong Brother. And continue the war against the evil temptations of European society!

Constructive Feedback said...

Brother Chauncey:

You are no doubt the reporter that did the WARNNN interview.
Why did you take such a passive/submissive disposition in relation to X-Squared?

IF WARNNN was given an exclusive interview with former President George W Bush and Rush Limbaugh - would this reporter be so passive in accepting all that they said and accepting of insults from them to you?

Notice how he was interestingly BRIEF in his assessment of the White Liberal Snarling Fox Black Inferiorist Tim Wise but he spent several paragraphs running ME down. Even threatening to BEAT ME.

This is what I call "A Black African Nationalist Permanent Revolutionary who calls from the destruction of America........using his MySpace Page on the Internet".

WHY didn't you ask this man how he would be impacted by the destruction of America?

Better yet, Chauncey - WHAT evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES does the Black Establishment have to show in its efforts to PREPARE the Negro to survive the collapse of the United States Government?

It DEFINITELY is not evident in the increased dependency from Obamacare.

Do you see Chauncey - when the PROGRESSIVE LEFT is finally put on trial and forced to reconcile ITS OWN ANTICS there is a massive string of discombobulated theories that simply don't add up.

fred c said...

I saw a ventriloquist in Central Park one time, coincidentally a Black ventriloquist, whose act was to insult the crowd through the dummy. The suspension of disbelief was complete, people were furious with the dummy, completely ignoring the ventriloquist. Something of that here, ingeniously.

Oh Crap said...

Dense conservatives like Constructive
Feedback are why Black people can never have anything ironic.

Oh Crap said...

Brother X Squared said:
You think too much. "Mamma grizzlies" is a perversion! Another signal to the sex deviancy practiced by the tea baggers. These white sick sex perverts have a political movement based on putting one's testicles in the faces of people. They are capable of anything. That mama grizzly mess is a signal to bestiality! Oh yes!

Oh, no. See, this is where that old washed up dashiki-and-birkenstocks crowd comes up short, because they refudiate queerness as a critique. So long as they persist, even the dumbest bigots, like Sarah Palin, will consistently outpace them.

OCIHACOSP certainly appreciates that cute butched-up pic of Mrs. Palin, her and her little cargo pants. Where Bro X sees perversion, he's only half-right, kinda like Obama is only half-white.

Consider "Sarah Palin's Alaska" a score-one for the various deviancies of homosexuality indeed; just think of all the middle-aged and young white women who have suddenly discovered their own desires for "Sarah Palin" and thus each other, freeing up Our™ More Color-Curious Men (the straight ones, anyway) from their interests, and for the hapless Hetero Sistas blaming such men for their state of perpetual datelessness.

Don't be laughing. I'm in contact with such people. Sarah's got a lot of them "questioning their sexuality". This is good for the Queers.

(This also means fewer of the same will be knocking on my door. Relief.)

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" + Black procreation/baby boomlet, ftw.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Dense conservatives like Constructive
Feedback are why Black people can never have anything ironic.

Oh Crap:

Call me your SUPERIOR!!

If I, a so called "Black Conservative" have the POWER to derail the Negro despite numbering so few then it must be true that my POWER is far greater than Negroes like YOU.

* I must be more productive than you.
* I must be more intelligent than you are.
* I must be more dedicated to my craft than you are. only crime is that I DISAGREE WITH YOU and thus you target ME while providing cover for the QUANTITATIVELY superior number of people who are denying the masses from the attainment that you speak of.

Oh Crap said...

Conservatives are no one's superiors, because you are petrified of competition. You are incapable of derailng anything, or any person.

It is fun, however, to watch you writhe in your delusions.