Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be Like Water: Happy Birthday Bruce Lee

Happy birthday Brother Bruce Lee.

"You want to learn the way to win, but never to accept the way to lose." What wise words to live by.

There are some heroes that we can not imagine growing older as their flame would diminish tragically for they are meant to burn brightly and in youth. Michael Jackson, a Peter Pan figure, would fit this mold. By contrast, Brother Bruce Lee had much more to teach and the intensity of his flame would have only gained more focus had he not been taken from us so soon.

In which directions would Bruce Lee have grown? What mountains would he have climbed? We can only guess, but as with all of our legends, their early passing provides an opportunity for dreaming and contemplation that only magnifies the greatness present.

Once more, a nod of acknowledgment to the elder gods.


Plane Ideas said...

I enjoyed the perspective Bruce Lee brought to the landscape the idea of thought and reason being an aspect of the nature of physical being..Excercise, movement with a purpose an objective...

geerussell said...

Water always wins.

CNu said...

There is no lifelong possibility for moving meditation in jeet kune do. The essence of combat, the break beat rendered explicit, and wedded to the impossibility of perpetual youth and exceptional talent.

CNu said...

the finished musashi would have understood, but not approved...,

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher--movement with purpose. How many of us have forgotten that. I always try to return back to the Hagakure for lessons on self. One of the repeated themes therein is contemplation of movement and action. When did we lost that? And did we ever have it?

@Russel--Doesn't it?

@Cnu--Please clarify. Musashi, as in Miyimato (sp?) Musashi? Please elaborate.