Sunday, October 24, 2010

Howard Stern's Gift of Prophecy and Clarence Thomas, Porn Addict

This is one of my favorite Howard Stern clips from the good ol' Channel 9 days. My family and I sat enraptured by this performance when it first aired. Yes, this skit is so wrong. But damn, it is also so genius and so very right.

When I am wrong I admit it. I owe Anita Hill an apology. Back in the early 90's I fell for the "high tech lynching" rally around the victimized black man flag nonsense that Thomas pulled. I was a naive young respectable negro in training, going to black man think tanks, and doing the Million Man March deal. My gender politics trumped common sense. Quite frankly I didn't know any better. So Sister Anita, for what it is worth, my bad.

Now, after hearing about Justice Thomas' "predilections" from Lillian McEwen (one of his ex-girlfriends) the obvious is now made clear: dude is a bit off. I have always felt that Thomas was unqualified for the Supreme Court--and still do, his worship of Scalia, vomit inducing conservative politics, and rumored tendency to sleep during hearings aside. But Uncle Thomas Cousin Ruckus has sealed the deal with the latest revelations about his at work escapades, near-mashing behavior, and bad taste in porn (Long Dong Silver is so 1970s even by 1980s standards).

Hopefully, the latest new/old revelations about Justice Thomas will be one more asterisk next to his entry in the book of Negro History, one that puts his "history making" rise to the Supremes in the Right context (get the Oscar Wilde subtlety to that word play?).

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