Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Week in White Victimology: Glenn Beck Takes Back Dr. King and White Folks are Attacked on "Beat Whitey Night" at the Iowa State Fair

We do live in troubled times. I have been doing my best to help white folks adjust to the Age of Obama. I have confessed my shame at how the Age of Obama has ushered in an era of black privilege. I have empathized with the struggles of white folks as they face bullying from the New Black Panthers, being beaten up on school buses, faced with a Supreme Court that does not reflect them, and subject to discrimination in all things and in every area of life. I have hoped and prayed that a leader would emerge--a Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, or Pat Buchanan--to lead my white American brothers and sisters to the promised land as they face a frightening world where they will one day be only a plurality of the population in this country by the year 2050.

Perhaps Glenn Beck will reclaim The Civil Rights Movement from the evil progressives and empower white folk to advance themselves? We will not know until this weekend. To paraphrase Brother Cornel West, what to do about the here and now, a present when white folk are "unsafe, unprotected, unwanted, and subject to random violence?" In a moment that should shame us all (and be the headline of every newspaper), last weekend whites were apparently targeted at the Iowa State Fair by a group of young black people in a "game" called "beat whitey night."

I feel for you my white brothers and sisters. Because I empathize with your victimization, the lion must lay down with the sheep and share some of his wisdom. Black Americans and others have long ago learned to negotiate inequalities of power in order to survive in this country. As you learn to stand against power, here are some practical strategies and suggestions to help you in your time of greatest need.

1. Beware committing the crime of what was once called "reckless eyeballing." Be careful and perform in a way that those with power expect you to (you are not submitting, you will retaliate and resist in more subtle ways). In the most humiliating moments you may have to look at the ground, step off of the sidewalk to let non-whites pass, or submit to being called "boy, Auntie, or Uncle."

2. You may have to remove any evidence from your resume that you are White. Whiteness is a liability in the Age of Obama. Try to be as race neutral as possible.

3. When looking for a home you may not be shown property in certain neighborhoods regardless of your income or credit score. Do some research to find out which real estate agents will treat you fairly.

4. During Jim Crow, Black Americans were denied service at hotels, restaurants, and other places. In fact, it was very difficult to even drive through certain communities as blacks would be killed if they found themselves in a "sundown town." Black Americans tried to avoid these humiliations by referencing The Negro Motorist Green Book. This book detailed the places people of color could stay safely and be treated with dignity as they tried to exercise the most basic of human rights--to travel freely and safely within their own country. Perhaps some enterprising American--such as this Tea Party, Glenn Beck rally supporter--will offer a similar guide to help white folks?

5. Some leaders on the Right are suggesting that armed rebellion and resistance may be necessary to stop the tyranny of the Obama Administration and the federal government's denial of state's rights. I do not agree with the likes of Sarah Palin or such militia groups as The Oath Keepers that it is time to "reload," and that the New Right should confront the government with force. That would be foolish and irresponsible. However, there may come a time when White Americans will have to use non-violent resistance in order to restore their trampled rights and privileges.

History is the greatest of teachers. As many Americans know, the Freedom Riders and other civil rights demonstrators were met with violent resistance in the South (and parts of the North as well) that resulted in death and serious physical injury. Those who are going to fight for a return to a pre-Obama America and the glory days of Leave it to Beaver must be prepared to die for their beliefs. For example, those brave souls who marched with King and the movement were commonly subjected to:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Spitting on
  • Kicking and stepping on
  • Beatings with fists, chains, and police billy-clubs
  • Dragging female protesters across a room by the hair
  • Throwing manure, eggs, tomatoes, exploding firecrackers, rocks, & bricks at us
  • Knocking sit-ins over and rolling them down a flight of stairs
  • Chokings by police (the infamous "choke hold")
  • Attacks with home-made flame-throwers (hairspray ignited with a cigarette lighter)
  • Pouring hot tar over heads Cars attempting to run over pickets
  • Stabbing with a knife
Do besieged white Americans, and conservatives in particular, have the courage to stand up for their beliefs? Is there a leader with the moral vision to organize them so that justice will flow down from the mountaintops?

Ultimately, these are indeed perilous times. I hope this list is of help to those brave souls attending Glenn Beck's rally this weekend, joining the Tea Parties, and fighting the good fight in such places as Texas and Arizona, or picketing against the "Ground Zero Mosque." They only want to return America to greatness and restore her ideals for "real Americans." Never forget that those who drink at the fountain of white victimology are selfless and good. These honorable Americans only want to restore a shining city on the hill and take their rightful place in it.

Who would dare to disagree with the righteousness of such a noble cause?


CareyCarey said...

Ten stars!

So, from what I gather, there were *softly* black people saying the "F" word. OMG!

And, all the victims were white. OMG!

And, this was in Iowa. Oh Oh OMG!!!

Are there black folks in Iowa? Well, OMG, yes there is, I live in Iowa, and I am black. Born and raised. My family has been in this area since 1865.

So, this great piece really gave me a smile.

Man, reckless eyeballing, look down, and step off the sidewalk... You killed this post!

Your "whiteman's handbook" was so funny yet so poignant. Can we talk about the pigeons coming home to roost.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of a blackman's son.
Be he 'live, or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

"Who would dare to disagree with the righteousness of such a noble cause?"

Yeah, who dare?

Anonymous said...

I will be at the Glenn Beck event tomorrow. But only because I try to be present at every large gathering in DC, whatever the cause may be. I live close to the city, and it's only a 15 minute Metro ride to downtown.

I've never seen any sort of violence go down at any of the Washington DC rallies that I have attended in the last 6 years. I even saw the Million Man March Part 2, and no one bothered me. (with the exception of one NOI looking homeless dude who told me to "get the fuck out of here" after my back was turned to him and I was a good 30 feet past him on the pavement)

At the 9/12 Rally last year, I saw that a small group of protesters nearly got their ass whipped because they chose to ride the Metro with Tea Party signs and their Obama joker tee shirts.

THIS rally, I believe, has the potential for violence. I'm not sure if it will happen..... but I do believe that the potential is there. I've never felt uneasy about attending one of these rallies but I do feel myself second guessing my decision to attend this one. We'll see what happens.....


Batocchio said...

Nice job!

Next up, Mark Williams insists he should get to vet any and all public statements by black people.

Anonymous said...

Being a now fallen, card carrying member of the global white collective, I thank you for your sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Truly I believe it is the music.

The Roving Reporter said...

This was great. It made me laugh--and reflect on some statements white folks have made to me to reflect their fear in the Obama Era.

Padre Mickey said...

Geez, when I used to go to the Santa Clara County Fair in San Jose, California, waaaaaay back in the 1970's, every night of the fair was "Beat Whitey Night!" What was weird was that it was usually whiteys beatin' other whiteys.

Great post, as usual.