Friday, August 13, 2010

Introducing the Seamstress of the KKK and her Klan Couture

Hood Fitting

Ms. Ruth personally sews one robe a day. She works 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week. She has 1 to 3 helpers at times. The person to be fitted measures themselves, fills out the tailoring chart, and mails in the order. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Here she puts the final touches on a red Klan hood.


Hate still lives--and is flourishing if the data from the Southern Poverty Law Center is to be believed. Speaking to that point, Mother Jones magazine has a great photo essay on Ms. Ruth, the seamstress of the KKK (accompanied by a troubling series of interviews that you should certainly take the time to listen to).

Not a one dimensional monster, she seems like a kind, yet misguided person. Ms. Ruth loves animals (points for me on that virtue). But Ms. Ruth also hates people who look like me. Moreover in her eyes, the KKK is not a terrorist organization. No, it is a noble civil society organization that has been miscast by the media, liberals, and "outside agitators."

People are complicated. Few are truly, unrepentantly evil. But, can evil hide behind a kind face and the gentle words of someone like Ms. Ruth? Is she in fact a more dangerous bigot and hate monger than the foot soldiers of the KKK, the robes of whom Ms. Ruth so lovingly sews?

Just a thought.


Beauzeaux said...

Everyone thinks that he or she is a good guy. The evilest person thinks he's operating from the purest of motives.

Miss Ruth is evil too because she supports evil. No matter how much she loves animals. Hitler loved his dog. Yeah for him.

Anonymous said...

It's no coincidence that groups like the New Black Panthers and the KKK receive a ridiculous amount of media coverage. The 4th branch of the government (CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews) can't get enough of these clowns. An article like this is only written to elicit an emotional response from the reader. The elites that run this country will never cease to yell and scream about xenophobic idiots and the social clubs that they belong to. This is the strategy of racial divide and conquer. They won't let white and black people get along because it's bad for business.

You have decided to link to the notorious SPLC in this article...... but have you actually done the research and looked into who this organization considers to be a "hate group?" I don't see how local chapters of the Oath Keepers and We Are Change can be considered a "hate group."

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon--You are showing your colors. The "infamous" SLPC? Come on now.

The Oath Keepers are "patriots" right? Just like McVeigh? And to include the New Black Panthers (a joke) in the same sentence with the KKK--a terrorist group which has killed tens of thousands is laughable.

Don't parrot the Fox News talking points you want to pretend to decry.


Anonymous said...

FoxNews is propaganda just as CNN is propaganda. And for what it's worth- the KKK isn't relevant in 2010. Don't be a sucker. The present is all that matters. Nothing that has happened in the past is a hindrance to the future. Only losers stay stuck in the past.

Listen to the sheep bleat!


Listen up black folks: Chauncey sez you're not allowed to believe in states rights and the 2nd amendment. That's a "white thing." Shut up, sit down, and follow the establishment Democrats. THAT'S THE ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE!


Anonymous said...

^^^awwwww for christ sake....... I've got to remember to sign my posts so no one confuses me with extra regular jerkoffs like this guy.

anonymous: Although I may disagree with them sometimes, the author of this blog post brings a great deal of intelligence and insight to the table of discussion. The only thing that you bring is xenophobic fear that your parents have likely instilled in you. Do you have anything interesting to type in this little comment box or is it all just inflammatory garbage? Stop trolling. And don't stand so close to me.



Anonymous said...

Seems like "Listen up black folks" a la Anonymous up there is evidence of Chauncey's truth stinging the open sore that is the right wing media cavity.

Anonymity is what these hoods create for a CULT of psychologically devolved persons.

Fear mongering using anonymity is cowardly. If you want to fight say so. These guys are just wacky. And yes quite irrelevant but how much so in a world where white kids make nooses to threaten their black classmates? Then the black kids reaction is highly publicized and analyzed.

What a surreal photograph. Looks like something from the X-men. Juggernaut! Ha. Ha. Ha.

Post racial we are! These guys are the new Shriners! Oh! they're just harmless fuckers playing dress-up. Without whom this nice old bag wouldn't have a job :(

Oh, woah, is me, so glad I live in a diverse city.