Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Thinking Project: Chris Hitchens' Ownage of Four Religious Scholars at Once

I am a big fan of polemicist, writer, professional provocateur, and thinker Chris Hitchens. As you know, I firmly believe that religion ruins all things (a separate claim from my deeply held faith in the existence of God as the master of the multiverse). While I will never approach the deftness of Hitchens in how he argues such a basic point, I can still admire his verbal, intellectual, and philosophical jujitsu. To that point, for your Saturday enjoyment here is some classic Chris Hitchens doing his own version of Dusty Rhodes' atomic bionic elbow on 4 foes at once--and never losing a beat or breath while doing so.


OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin said...

I'm glad pugilist Hitch went on that Xianity Today panel. As u prolly know, I enjoy perusing the xian evangelical press for stuff on my girl. Not only are they in a mess over her, they are in a mess in general.

But Xianity Today will at least try and have a conversation with us heathens since it's an opportunity to show us how innately wrong we are. They have a long history of that, fwiw.

Shanel said...

I'm also a fan of Mr. Hitchen's thanks for this video its the first time I've seen it.

MilkdudJenkins said...

Chauncey, shame on you. It's bionic elbow, not atomic.

Genius slowly going Insane said...

This isn't on the recent post just wanted to say that I'm loving the blog. And if you keep writing I'll keep reading.

Also, the unofficial official Boondocks blog is looking for bloggers thought you guys might be interested. Check it out.

fred c said...

I agree with you about religion and God, and I am also a fan of Mr. Hitchens. At the hour mark or so Hitch appears to talk himself to near-death on our behalf, which I find admirable.

chaunceydevega said...

@Ohcrap. This was the first time I had heard of them. Are they crazy, sort of crazy, or moderately crazy?

@Determination. No prob. My pleasure.

@Milk--Duh! My bad and correction. Atomic knee drop and bionic elbow. And nobody did it better than Dusty.

@Genius--Thanks. I will check it out. Keep on coming back.

@Fred--I am glad that I am not alone in my confusion over the religiously minded.

CNu said...

Respectable negros evidently fail to appreciate that this neurobiological sickness is an evolutionarily stable strategy for the unintelligent. Matter-fact, inability to interrogate reality very deeply is a prerequisite for membership in the prosocial evangelical collective security club.

Now, in strictly evolutionary terms, where success is measured in terms of survival, these reality casualty ass-hats may have struck upon a more effective survival strategy than intelligent folk less able to coalesce into effective collective security configurations.

CNu said...

Conservative identity politics is very closely related to (a variant of) the same cognitive limitations/proclivities giving rise to the prosocial evangelical ESS. (evolutionarily stable strategy)

You have to love the gimp in kneepads who goes on about the glory of weakness at about the 32 minute mark, "christianity is for the weak, the unconnected, the unintelligent - giving dignity and hope to the bibtard gimp".

It is always comical to see the smugly cognitively handicapped attempt to go toe-to-toe with the cognitively well-endowed, in a mean, Ringers-ish sort of way....., sadly - when everything is said and done - the bibtard gimps always seem to get the last laugh as they merrily go about the business of rounding up and stoning or burning intelligent heretics and unbelievers

OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin said...

@Chauncey, they're really the only Evangelicals the normal people can hope to have a semi-rational conversation with.

@CNu shd read about Lamestream Libtards. Evangelical xianity and disability can be more complicated than it appears.

CNu said...

@Crush - so if I take your meaning correctly - the Conservative/Evangelical Political Identity is in reality quite Spartan (a la Frank Miller's 300 version of Spartan-ness) inasmuch as it's really very intolerant of any type of disability and truthfully would as soon dispatch these "least" among us as though they were lives devoid of value?

OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin said...

@CNu well, I think the Xianity Today/Charisma Magazing types are having to seriously rethink things, due to the disability rights mvmt influencing it, especially ppl and families with disabilites who are in it. I would also say, as legendarily closed minded as they are, they are more open to being inclusive/accessible than the Westboro Baptist/Fundamental Baptist types. That has to do with basic diffs in theology, but the details of that are tedious.

Believe me, I did not want to conclude some of what I did when I wrote that post, linked. But c'est la vie, live/learn. People are complex.