Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Funny: Pastor Manning Condemns Michael Steele as an Affirmative Action Baby

That's right Obama is a pimp and B-Rock be that dude. I smile as I write this. Brother Manning is forever one upping himself as any mention of that magical man Rasputin gets points from me.

Ultimately, it must be my lucky day to hit the lotto because I agree with Pastor Manning and his condemnation of Michael Steele. Lord, who would have thought!

His words are gold: Swinging on vines. Jumping on trampolines. Manning is such a wordsmith.

By the way I have actually introduced Manning's classic phrase "like monkeys jumping on trampolines," into my rotation of witticisms. Trust me, it works every time all the time.

But before we complement Brother Manning too much, he has to bring us down to Earth. Did you know that Black folk are losers who are jealous of the White Man! Apparently, Pastor Manning--as though we didn't know--is a Black Conservative patriot:

Talk about projection and pathological self-hatred. Where is Fanon when you need him?

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