Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Morning Funny: The People's Court--Black Nationalist Sisters Abusing White Man with Whips and High Heels is Funnier than Pastor Manning

And the brothers think they have it hard.

I have seen the face of greatness and it is this video. I am at a loss for words. I stand mute. The part of my brain responsible for speech has been overridden by the part of my brain responsible for laughter.

Respectable negroes and our allies please circulate this video widely and often. If you have the strength that I do not, please write an analysis and/or annotation so that I may post it. A focus on the clip's Avant-garde sensibilities would be much appreciated.

Question: Who has the power here? The moaning white man being topped by the Black Woman's Court or the sisters themselves? Is our White friend topping from the bottom?

Second questions: Imagine the scandal if some enterprising political operative planted this video on Michelle Obama's laptop and then leaked its contents to the media? The Reverend Wright debacle would look like a parking ticket.

Yes. I am that evil.

Bro'bama is lucky that I am on his side 'cause if I was a Republican I would set those wheels in motion yesterday just to see the fallout.

In an acknowledgment of the greatness of said video, I proclaim that Black sisters punishing a white man (a former slave owner for the purposes of the narrative?) with high heels and whips is GREATER than Pastor Manning:

So say we all!


Big Man said...

If you talking about castrating a man, I think the least you can do is call his penis and testicles by their real names.

"Private parts?"

What are we, 5?

annum natalem said...

Nah, nah, they should put that on some old white guy's laptop. Preferably Pat Buchanan. I bet he's got all kinds of that shit going on, mentally.

chaunceydevega said...

@Big man--private parts does take the viewer out of the text and ruin disbelief.

@fictional--you know he does. did you ever hear what bill o'reilly said about going to the tropics with the dark skinned women and how the heat makes white people horny and crazy?