Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Funnies: Diversity Training and Why Jesus Hates Klingons

Remember, it is okay to shake hands with Sikh men. Don't assume that Puerto Ricans playing dominoes are up to no good. Treat respectable negroes with respect, and treat the ign'ts with disdain (that isn't in the CPD training video but should be).

For all of you Christian folk who happen to be ghetto nerds, here is some guidance for you on faith, Jesus, and the Klingon Empire:

It is such a beautiful day outside and I am going to enjoy it. But, we need to be careful of those perverts, flashers, and pedophiles who are lurking in wait at every corner and in every bush for Spring is their season after a long Winter of discontent (damn! how can you not like Oscar Wilde wordplay such as that?)

Remember, get street smart!

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macon d said...

Wow. Maybe everything really IS terrible.

Can I please have my minutes back?