Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chauncey DeVega's World of Ghetto Nerds: Obese Leia, Fat Tie Fighter Pilots, and a None Too Slim Rogue at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

Who is the bigger nerd? The nerd or the nerd who follows him?

I did my thing at the Chicago Comic Book and Entertainment Expo. I do have to say that given the limitations of time I "knicked it out the box" as the expression goes. Sure there is an irrepressible whiteness to these events (some folks don't yet know about we ghetto nerds). And I do so enjoy the moment when nerds of the Caucasian persuasion meet me and are visibly surprised that they are going to hear a lecture on comic books and graphic novels by (yikes!) a black guy. But all in all, the Con's first day was lots of fun.

I didn't get to see any of the main panels because I was busy getting myself ready for my presentation. But tomorrow I am checking out The Cleveland Show round table, getting some pics with the cast of the original Star Wars trilogy, and making sure to touch base with Alex Ross at the autograph table.

Comic book and fantasy conventions are also a hell of a lot of fun because they are great people watching. Because it is a large gathering of folk, many of whom are socially marginalized in their day to day lives (and don't get to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh all too often), it is like band camp for geeks. Undoubtedly, there are lascivious pleasures indulged in by people in costumes of varying quality that would tempt the senses, raise the libido to a fever pitch, and scar the soul. There are also sights to behold that burn the eyes...

Thank God she didn't wear Leia's slave girl outfit:

Do they make the Tie Interceptor in an XXL model? Is this a TIE pilot who serves during the New Republic era when Imperial recruitment standards have apparently slipped?

Come on Rogue, you got's to get rid of the camel toe and work out those abs if you are going to be in the X-Men!

If any of you--my respectable negro friends and ghetto nerds--are going to be in town for C2E2 send me an email and we can get together and build. May the force be with you, always.


Unknown said...

totally in love with the clip even though i am a trekker through and through....
enjoy the convention.. unfortunately flights out of the uk are a bit tricky right

chaunceydevega said...

You did miss out. Trust me you would have been the queen of the party.


Anonymous said...

So - only the thin can be fans?? WTF?!? Substitute a black joke for every fat joke in this post, and suddenly it's intolerant. Those people have every right to be their nerdy, beautiful selves. Stop being so judgmental and have fun already.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon--Oh stop. We are equal opportunity teasers, haters, embarrassers, and the like. I hate on the respectable and the ign't alike.

I am a fan boy. I own that. In going to Cons I can see how folk make fun of us as we are a particular subculture where the rules are inverted at times.

But, we still have to be real about our strengths and weaknesses...and how we fit the image of those we idolize.