Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Funnies: Pastor Manning is Willing to Die Rather Than Be a Raggedy Black Man

Today was Madea day in my class. After trying to convince young folks of the coontastic legacy embodied by Tyler Perry (with varying degrees of success by the way) I am spent. After trying to triangulate Herman Gray's book on race and television with the problematic politics of Good Times and Donald Bogle's classic Bucks, Mammies, and Coons, my mind is torn hither-tither. How do you talk to a generation about the canon that is Good Times, The Jeffersons, and Sanford and Son that knows nothing of these great shows? Are we that old? How did we come to lack even this most basic lengua franca?

To soothe my soul I went to the supermarket, found a six pack of beer on special (you got to get the Dominick's card my people), and rode the bus home. I needed some spiritual healing. I was spent. Given that I don't believe in organized religion, my church home is these Internets. I hoped that Pastor Manning would deliver me from my malaise, that he would provide me with nutrients for my soul. Oh the most high Lord of the Internets always delivers!

I am free to let my racial id speak: I hate black men. I am ashamed of them. They are a blight upon the world! Oh Lord, after riding the bus I hate everyone and everything! Wow, that felt good to say. Yes, oh yes, Pastor Manning is on point and I am walking lockstep with him.

Are you willing to die my brothers? Are you willing to die with Pastor Manning? Are you willing to die to fight black male stupidity? Do people hate you for telling the truth? Do you want to be one of those weak black men who are just statistics? Who have abandoned their manhood? Who are just cum droppers?

In the immortal words of Pastor Manning do our enemies have the strength to kill us? Let us bow our heads as we listen to the immortal words of our patron saint the 'Cos:

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