Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Night Happiness Pill: The Greatest Thing Ever! The Tea Party Anthem Sung by Black Conservative Llloyd Marcus

I love to share things that make me smile. As a positive byproduct of what can be depressing work, a personal and professional interest in the politics of race does encourage one to develop a keen appreciation for the bizarre and the absurd...

Thus, I can confidently proclaim that The Tea Party Anthem is the greatest thing on these INTERNETS! Freedom Ain't Free is so compelling that upon hearing it I got what black folks in the church call "the Spirit." In hysterical glee, I am dancing around my office as we speak!

Random question/thought: What the hell is going on with the racially ambiguous Salt-N-Pepa inspired, cheerleader hip hop wannabe dancer at minute 2:16?

Second random question/thought: Check out this footage of Lloyd live in concert at a Tea Party gathering. Does it not in fact look like he is performing the theme music at his own lynching?

Frankly, Freedom Ain't Free is ten thousand times better than the Pants on the Ground song. And this anthem is a million times better than the Hip Hop Republicans at the Tea Party gathering in DC:

Humor aside, Lloyd Marcus, singing slave catcher, is the totem negro fetish for the Tea Party crowd. As I always joke, is there a glass enclosure labeled "break in case of emergency" where these black conservatives garbage pail kids are stored? Perhaps, most disturbingly, I can see him making a ton of money off of his cd's, appearances, and interviews on Limbaugh, Fox News, and company. Who knows? There is a probably a version of this song being played as we speak in a karaoke bar that I/you/we/me best not enter on risk to the safety of our lives.

This minstrelesque, zip coon performance of Americana really does soothe the White Soul, a good patriotic negro, singing those happy songs about life down in the South--or in this case--how the Tea Party are good white folks on the right side of history.

I have to ask, am I alone in hearing a similarity in melody and chorus between Lloyd's joint and the General's Fried Chicken song from the movie Undercover Brother? Wouldn't that be ironic, a black conservative borrowing from a song about white racists using fried chicken to subvert the black community? Fitting. No?


RiPPa said...


Yes, they stole that song from the General. And yes, this song would have been better with some auto-tune.

Anonymous said...

I love this line: "performing the theme music at his own lynching".

This is hilarious. It doesn't measure up to Pants on the Ground, but Freedom Ain't Free will indeed be on my mind today.

LACoincidental said...

OH...MY....GOD!!! How much did they pay this jigaboo?! That's even more embarrassing than Prince's Viking theme song.

'I believe in the Constitution'? Negro, if it were up to your good Tea Party friends would love to reinstate that little part of the Constitution where you were only 3/5 of a human being?