Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Funny: The Mayor of Blacktown on Black Women, White Men, Interracial Relationships, and Domestic Terrorism

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

During the waning days of Black History Month, I would like to end this most auspicious month with laughter. Why? because sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Never forget, it is the blues context that has sustained us as a people.

Today's video is the foreplay for Sunday's post about the state of black male and female relationships. I have watched the forthcoming video repeatedly. I have cried. I have smiled. I have yelled at the screen. Trust me, it is wonderful...wonderful as in a wrestling match between a midget and a huge professional wrestler--think King Kong Bundy crushing a little person at Wrestlemania. In fact, after viewing Sunday's clip, the Epic Beard Man Bus Fight may be deposed from your Youtube playlist.

So, is the Mayor of Blacktown onto something here? Has he exposed a fallacy in the reasoning of our sisters whom are running to the white brothers? And what do you all make of the cottage industry that is the mainstream press' seeming obsession with exploring the "crisis" in black male-female relationships?

To that end, it seems that everyday a new story on this "crisis" graces the erstwhile pages of one of our esteemed journals of record. For example, this story from the Washington Post. Here is the author of the above piece advocating that black women date white men:

And now a self-indulgent, sort of related message from my avatar on the "problem" of interracial dating and race mixing:

As a proud race mixer in the tradition of Dr. King, I would argue that Lamont would be lucky to have this queen doing the naked, morning after a ride on space mountain, walk to the toilet--what is in fact my favorite post coital moment by the way.

Your thoughts?


Pandora Bunny said...

I think interracial dating & mixed babies are great. What better way of moving beyond color divides? And it makes for stronger healthier babies. However, I think bi-racial/multi-racial children need to create a different identity to really move beyond the divide (i.e. there needs to be an adoption of being a person, not "black w/ a white mother" etc.)

Personally, my concerns and worries arise from the problems/trouble any interracial children I have would experience. And general fear of what hate filled people could do. Whenever I am seriously involved with someone of a different race there is always a fear that my partner (or myself) will experience harm from other people.

On a more general level, I have issues with people that would date interracially but would not marry someone of a different race.

Melissa said...

Can't even finish the first video, it's so ridiculous. I'm Canadian so I've a different perspective (living in London, UK).

I'm dating a white man and will probably marry him, I never thought that would happen but I'm so happy it's not an issue. Black women are overly loyal to Black men, just like I feel a lot of Black people are overly loyal to the church (I digress). I love Black men but I won't compromise what I want in a partner and that goes for any race I date.

I know you're on the side of mixing, but that is how I feel about the issue :)

Constructive Feedback said...


How's it going brother?

You do realize that I am watching you, right?

(Not saying that this Mayor's views are your own) I struggle to understand the consciousness of a person who can go "CHASING AFTER WHITE MAL-ACTORS" as a means of nullifying the discussion of BLACK misdeeds which HARM OUR COMMUNITIES.
Sadly, though not as blatantly - this is an important tactic used in "Negro Political Discourse".
The goal is not to FIX PROBLEMS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Instead the goal is to PACIFY BLACK FOLKS - making us comfortable that there are WHITE FOLKS IN THE MUD ALONG WITH US. Our faults are merely due to MEDIA SMEARING.

How does this man's accounts FIX any problems within our community?

WHY did the White man in Finland have the POWER to have his own actions radiate beyond his domain, jumping across the Atlantic and impacting the American Negro?

I had "Racism Chasing" domain limited to the United States. Thanks to globalization - I need to expand my observations.

chaunceydevega said...

@Melissa. Not a fan of mixing for mixing sake. I am a fan of people doing what they want and being happy. Are the Canadian and British sisters as obsessed with this nonsense as Black American women?

Melissa said...

Chauncey, it doesn't appear so. The US seems to be quite unique in that regard. That isn't to say in the UK and Canada that women don't think about these issues, but I'd say hardly obsessed. However, I have 2 friends both recently turned 30 (black women, educated, beautiful, independant etc etc list goes on) and they want to be in a serious long term relationship but are holding out for black men. I'm not entirely sure of the stats in Canada but they aren't as harrowing in the US. So there are educated black men out there however I don't believe in waiting for them or any man to make the move. To me they are slacking on the dating game but they are definetely out to be with/marry a black man. Disregarding anyone else who may be interested, to me that is sad. At age 30, I'd think you'd be more open?

Mixing for mixing sake, can you be clearer than that? I mean I know what you mean but better to ask than assume yes? Examples are good, students like those :)

I don't believe in staying with your own kind for your own kind sake. I, like you, think people should do what makes them happy and stop looking to society to say it's ok, or to validate their choices (of course as long as they aren't hurting anyone). Personally, I have always dated black men, I guess I just assumed I would meet one and we'd get married one day. Over time you get older (hopefully wiser) and I've opened my mind to dating other races and it's been a good thing for me. K bit of a rambling post but it's 3:47 am in the uk! Life of a student :) Also can I say I really enjoy the blog, k done now.

kenda said...

Generally speaking it's good for people to be open to dating folks of all races, but I can't get with the "magical white men will solve all your problems" vibe I'm getting from Karyn Folan. That Washington Post article was terrible, and any condemnations against black women for wanting to date intraracially that don't point out that the vast majority of Americans also date/marry within their race will be getting the side-eye from me.

chaunceydevega said...

@Melissa--Well considered points. On the mixing issue, my policy has always been pleasure first. If someone gets you and makes you happy who cares? On one hand I get the racial politics at work and how black folks, unlike other minorities or white ethnics for that matter, have been unable to accumulate wealth and resources. For many nationalists building black community starts with black families and I totally agree.

Now, the "race mixing" I do not like, is that of folks who date outside their race as some sort of fetish. The brother with the fattest sloppiest white woman just because she is white, or the white women with the most ghetto thug just because she has a Gucci Mane or 50 Cent fantasy.

I don't turn my nose up at them, I just shake my head for the end we got to do what makes us feel at peace. As I always say, if I had kids I would rather they come home with a good white man than a bad black man any day of the week.

Derek said...


I sooooooo appreciate you saying what you said. I get so tired of hearing these black women sound off like these white men are just the end all be all and that they are good men BECAUSE HE'S WHITE. Or that negative experiences they've had with black men have been because the men where black as if character and skin color co-relate.

Melissa said...

Late response but I completely agree with what you said about the fetish thing. In the past I avoided dating white men specifically because I felt as though they were doing it because to date a black woman was exotic.

I was even told by a white guy (that I went on one date with and faked a friend to call me so I could get out of it) that he liked black women (and Asian) because we were more 'disciplined' than white women. He also went on to say that he admired how strong black women were because often times they are left to raise kids on their own since black men often leave. Yes so no wonder I left that date early and deleted all all contact immediately. That confirmed to me that SOME white men have this thing with black skin, but I can't fault them all for that rotten apple.