Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Would Be Funny if They Weren't So Serious: An Open Love Letter and Political Fantasy to "President Sarah Palin"

Don't ever say that I do not give equal time to those with whom I disagree.

As Sun Tzu says, one must study their enemies in order to persevere in battle. In keeping with that mantra, I do some daily intelligence work and survey the usual suspects: Fox; Breitbart; Newsmax; The Free Republic, and The Washington Times. I am torn because on one hand the Red State/Blue State meme has been revealed as a bit more complicated (and less severe) than the mass media would have us believe, there certainly does seem to be a real division in ideology and worldview between the Left and the Right. This division is nothing new--we have had this cacophonous political discord since at least the Clinton era--but I am increasingly troubled by how the Tea Party, CPAC wing of the Right is seemingly immersed in its own reality.

I believe in the necessity of a healthy party system for the long term sustainability of a democratic republic. Thus, I sincerely want a responsible, level headed, and engaged Republican Party that speaks to the needs and wants of its constituents while also balancing the Democrats. The GOP at present, and the Right Wing populism which is its drug of choice, is beset by a lunatic fringe. While we may laugh at the displays of madness that symbolize a political party in its death throws, the Republican Party will not go silently into the night: there will be collateral damage. Ultimately, my worry is that this damage will not be isolated to the GOP's own factions.

In reading the following ode to the greatness that is the Wasilla wonder, I cannot help but think that this would be funny if it were not so sad. How did the idiot, lunatic fringe of the Right come to receive so much power? And once more I must ask, how can any reasonable person idolize Sarah Palin? Why is she so compelling?

A thought: Notice the emphasis on birth and reproduction. The idea that motherhood equals political competence. Are these not eerie parallels with how fascism and radical right wing authoritarianism think of women as embodying the virtues of the State? Here the womb becomes a place for quite literally reproducing the right minded men who will lead a resurgent (and pure both ideologically and racially) people to greatness. Disturbing, no?

President Sarah Palin

by Michael Moriarty

McCain Palin 2008

Today, with the help of Big Hollywood’s Leigh Scott, I begin my tribute series to Governor Sarah Palin.

Scott Leigh, a horror film-maker reminiscent of my not-always-so-hard-times spent with Larry Cohen, had this to say about what the Left fears about Sarah Palin:

What they fear is that Palin would actually stick to fiscally conservative principles. She would reform the tax laws to make them fair and rational. She would clip the influence of labor unions. She would end the unholy alliance of Big Government and Big Business. She may actually extend women’s rights to choose to include how they spend their money, where they send their kids to school, and what caliber handgun they want to buy.

In short, Sarah Palin is the essence of American identity: individual freedom married to individual responsibility and, dare I say, the sacredly unique individuality vested within all of us upon conception, an American signature more indelible than that of John Hancock.

In light of the Liberally Dark Warnings about conservative homophobia, Sarah’s appearance on Greg Gutfeld’s increasingly irresistible RED EYE is de rigueur.

Right now, and unless I’m informed otherwise, the adorable Mike Huckabee is therefore “one-up” on Sarah.

Why am I not writing a series entitled President Mike Huckabee?

Sorry, Governor, but ya just can’t have babies!

There’s the nice rub … Sarah is a woman who’s almost more Catholic than the Pope, that Prince of Rome who, rather like Mike Huckabee, cannot have babies.

Giving birth, you know, is, to put such a thing into a timely context, the ultimate Olympic experience!

The Agony and the Ecstasy!!

No, I wasn’t present at the birth of my son Matthew because he was delivered by Cesarean.

Hmmm … that may account for some of his Cesarean attitudes toward me.

Sarah, mother of five and bearing the brunt of Progressively Democrat and some Republican sadism, has, indeed, seen the ultimate agonies and the ecstasies of life.

And said to them, “Bring it on!!”

That’s not only my idea of a great leader but Big Mamma herself!!


No, I’m not genetically Italian, but I have been adopted by the most infinitely Italian mother possible. She’s a diminutive Anna Magnani living in Luciano Pavarotti’s home town of Modena.

Don’t mess with her … if you know what I mean.

Don’t mess with Sarah!

That’s the message we wish to send to Red Islam, that disgusting combination of World Communism and Islamic Jihads.

It is my contention that when women become King in the democratic household it is because the English-speaking people are preparing for war.

Check Queen Elizabeth I and how she dealt with Spain!!

Henry VIII was not her father for nothing.

The children of Victoria, in a way, fought not one but two World Wars.

Sir Winston Churchill was unquestionably a Victorian and the child of his American mother Jennie Jerome.

What do great men fight and die to protect?

Their women and children!!

That is Victorian greatness.

English-speaking freedom, ladies and gentlemen, endures no dictatorships of any kind, and the American hybrid of that, Abraham Lincoln’s United States, is in a virtual Civil War with the new version of Red Islam called Progressivism.

Progressives are those pro-abortionists who wrap the veil of women’s rights around legalized murder.

They’re false prophets wrapped in sheep’s clothing.

Cunning serpents.

Since they’ve been getting away with that act for the 36 years of Roe v. Wade, it was obviously time for President Barack Obama of Harvard to show up with his very Kissingeresque long term plans for a Communist Jihadist’s version of a New World Order.

Our only complete and infinitely enduring antidote would be President Sarah Palin.

Oh, by the way, England could do well to give to President Sarah Palin the gift of Mr. Daniel Hannan as Prime Minister, in the same way we gave to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher our previous savior of individual freedom, President Ronald Reagan.

Prime Minister Daniel Hannan and President Sarah Palin would indeed be the King and Queen of the entire English-speaking world.

That Royalty is more than enough to stop the Progressive Red Islam dead in its tracks and send that apocalyptic nightmare back to the hell from which it came.

The Truth shall set you free, scare the hell out of you and put you back into the agony and ecstasy found within ALL of God’s Children.


Oh, the recent, very Jihadist-like, kamikaze flight into the federal building in Austin, Texas?

Read the alleged suicide note if you want to know most of what there is that you must know about suicidal fate of Red Islam or the dark underbelly of the Progressive New World Order Movement.

Who could handle such Jim Jones insanity best?

President Palin and Prime Minister Hannan!


Jenjuli Art said...

Fixation on motherhood isn't limited to just the right. The "family is a bourgeois notion" Soviet Union waged many a campaign starting in the 30s where they rolled back the rights given to women (including divorce & abortion) and encouraged motherhood as patriotic duty. Propaganda posters claimed that women without children should be pitied by others because they wouldn't know the greatest happiness. They also actively/blatantly connected women to the state by creating "Mother Russia" during WWII. Interestingly, patriotic duty included adopting war orphans after the war, so they didn't just focus on biological children.

The Roving Reporter said...

This fixation on motherhood has been so engulfed in the American fabric, specifically in the past 30 years.

I think people like Sarah Palin because she mirrors everything that the media portrays about being a mother: that you must not only be sexy, but you must be smart; you can not only be a doting mother, but you can have a career as well. I can go on and on.

J.J., you said: "Propaganda posters claimed that women without children should be pitied by others because they wouldn't know the greatest happiness."

I would say that same propaganda is being displayed on our media, specifically celebrity journalism. Women are constantly told that if you don't have children, you will never be completely happy.

Jenjuli Art said...

I completely agree that our fixation on motherhood runs deep, all the way to the American Revolution and the creation of "Republican Motherhood" in fact.

I'd argue that what the media presents is a more (dare I describe it as such?) insidious form of propaganda than that from the Soviet Union. Soviet propaganda was obvious, you knew you were looking at propaganda when you saw it. What our celebrity journalism does is play up our idealized cultural images (how they're met or not met) which are passed on to our celebrity followers (mainly young impressionable women). Most don't even realize that their moralities are being shaped by what they see in the media.

Just look at the way Jennifer Aniston is portrayed, she had the perfect husband and marriage until she didn't want to have babies. Having lost her husband to a woman who did want to have babies, she's now seen as a pathetic figure who can't make a relationship work. How many women must have thought "oh god, I don't ever want to end up like her." I'm sure seeing her face splashed across magazine covers worked much better than government posters.

It's a worse type of propaganda, it's cultural (as opposed to political) propaganda. People can say celebrity journalism is unimportant but it's still effective.

The Roving Reporter said...

I would also add that I read a book called "Bananas, Beaches and Bases" by Cynthia Enloe. In a nutshell, she argues that female politicians aren't accepted into the "male political sphere" unless the abandon the soft (read: women) issues--health care, peace, feeding the hungry, etc--and talk about hard, "real" manly issues such as national security, war, etc.

I would definitely say that Sarah Palin fits the latter category hence her acceptance by white male conservatives into the political sphere.

What's key to her success, though, is her image of a good mother. Her masterful skill of making sure images of her family are plastered everywhere has been enough to assure those in the white male political establishment that, while she wants to be part of the team, she is willing to perpetuate the myth that women are only complete if they have a husband and children.

Anonymous said...

You know, It also goes the other way: MEN ARENT COMPLETE UNLESS THEY HAVE A WIFE AND CHILDREN the're very few men who could live the single life

Anonymous said...

Also,Sarah Palin is one of the few women who could do the 'mommy thing' and also be 'one of the boys-interested in fishing and stuff like that'.