Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flashback: More Madness on the Bus as a 67 Year Old White Man Brings the Pain to a "Young Brother"

I missed this a few weeks ago--clip courtesy of Rippa's blog, The Intersection of Madness and Reality.

I deem this clip to be hilarious. And I hope the defeated party in the rumble (not) in the jungle has a good dental plan.

Random question/observation: did you notice the provocations from the peanut gallery? Was it not quite typical and predictable to hear one of the "witnesses/instigators" switch from "beat his white ass" to "oh Lord have mercy!" How public opinion changes with the wind...

Second question for my ghetto nerds: Is this what happens when Frank Castle grows old? Will The Punisher one day be riding the bus ready to merc someone who crosses him?

Apparently, the brother in this video didn't get the memo that clearly stated, "don't mess with an old White man because they more often than not will kick your behind." They don't suffer from the talking alot and do nothin' syndrome that is common among some black folks (the "black people tend to shout" mantra). When old white folk threaten your behind they mean it: see Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Stalin, FDR, Hitler, etc. etc.

Let's take a step back to one of our/my favorite posts:

What’s the Best, Worst, or Strangest Thing You’ve Witnessed While Taking Public Transportation?

Ride with the dirty laundry on public transportation. Pay no attention to the people sharing a bus or subway with the dirty laundry. Obviously these people haven't heard a thing. Nor have they seen anything. Nor have they wondered why. These frightened people don't exist. The secret is safe with them.

—Bill Cosby
The Cos’ suggestion that black folks’ conduct while taking public transportation is an indicator of the health of the black public sphere is interesting. In the realm of public transportation, general norms of public behavior often press up against more specific black norms of respectability. Step on a bus or train in a city with a lot of black folks. You will see altruism, selfishness, conviviality, ignorance, vulgarity, and humor all on display.

You will see people assist mothers with strollers, cede seats to the elderly, and help riders lock their wheelchairs into place. You will hear “sirs” and “ma’ams” coming from kids’ mouths. You will see locals helping tourists with directions. Sometimes you will even see riders spotting the fares of complete strangers. You will see several people reading (mostly the Bible, trashy ghetto lit, and school textbooks).You will see that most people are quiet, friendly, and respectful.

You will also see people play (always terrible) rap and R & B loud enough for everyone to hear. You will hear people talking loudly--yelling really--about sex and violence. You will see people littering, leaving trash and food on the ground or seats, even though there are trash bins near. You will see people with no home training in norms of decent public behavior.

Because I am frequently disgusted by the conduct of public transportation riding ign’ants, individual instances of rude behavior, loudness, and vulgarity don’t stand out to me. What I remember vividly, though, are the moments of social policing in which black public transportation users are so fed up with ign’ant behavior, they confront the ign’ants. Two particular instances come to mind:

1.) I was riding a bus in the afternoon, right when school let out. A couple of bookish kids were being clowned by a group of their ign’ant schoolmates. An older brother stepped in and chided the ign’ants for teasing the couple. Predictably, the ign’ants started cursing the older brother, which prompted him to respond, “You never know, I may have a gun on me right now! Keep on talkin’, I might shoot up this whole damn bus!” The rest of the riders went from admiring this guy for saying something to realizing that he was an ign’ant too.

2.) A few weeks ago, I heard a man yelling as he got on the bus, “Hurry up before I knock yo teeth down yo mothafuckin throat. You stupid as fuck!” Then, a girl who as about 11 or 12 years old got on the bus and everyone realized that the man was yelling at this little girl, his daughter. The other riders just shook their heads and look exasperated as this man continued to curse and berate his daughter.

A few minutes later, a second man went to exit the bus and confronted the father, saying, “You think that was the right thing to do, huh? Man, you a punk! I’ll kick yo ass. Get off this bus on the next stop! You don’t yell at no little girl like that, you ol’ punk!”

The father was clearly scared and apologetic, telling his confronter, “You right. You right. That’s my daughter, but I shouldn’t have done that. I shoulda handled it better. You right.”

The confronter then exited the bus yelling, “Don’t never let me catch you on these streets. I’ll beat yo ass!” Once it was clear that his confronter was gone, the father tried to save face by saying loud enough for everyone to hear, “I’ll be done killed somebody in here. I woulda shot him, but I can’t go back to the penitentiary.”

Again, the elation the other riders felt upon seeing this father get punked disappeared immediately, as we were reminded that this loser was the little girl’s role model.

Respectable negroes, what is the best, worst, or strangest thing you’ve seen while riding public transportation?


Melissa said...

Great post, a friend just sent me that video the other day.

In Canada - because I would usually be driving don't have much contact but the times I take the bus the usual is loud teens of all races talking about what these youngin's talk about (sigh, getting up there, I jest).

In London - all I use is public transport so I get sensory overload all the time. Again, there are loud and obnoxious teens however it is usually the young black boys/men who blast music loud. Not aways, actually it's usually just young men. Children under 16 get to use public transport for free and there are rules so I feel it someone regulates their behaviour as that priviledge would be taken away if they violate rules. So they not tend to do things that are too ig'nant as you put it. Just talking super loud about wot they and their mates are up to.

RiPPa said...

Forget The Punisher; I'd like to see a new jack run up on The Phantom on a bus and even live to talk about it.

Checkout my blog for the update on this story. I posted it last night. Yep, someone interviewed the old dude about the story a few days ago.

Bill the Lizard said...

Interesting Blog with more information on Epic Beard Man:

macon d said...

Did I hear someone call that big white guy "Pinky"?

please, oh respectable negroes, please explain that one to me. (I'm hoping it's a term that exposes the lie of "whiteness" in a way . . . )

Epic Beard Man has gone all Fifteen Minutes already. Even that female hipster, Amber Lamps, is on the radar. I expect an onslaught of songs about her in the next few days or so.

chaunceydevega said...

Got to up your pop culture iq Macon!

That is a reference to the character Pink from the Friday films...sorry, no deeper lacanian psychoanalytic framework at work here ;)


Big Man said...

My friend and I call white people "pinks" because of their color.

I thought somebody else was stealing our swag.

Ronise said...

You know what? That's what they get. In the words of Tasha, "they ain't scared of us no more." That's right. It's only the young ones and seemingly older ignorant black people, who think everyone should be scared of them. That guy deserved it.

Then the person recording says they can press charges. He hit him first. It will show that the white guy acted in self defense.