Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Says There Isn't Life After Hip Hop? Coolio Reinvents Himself as a Michelin Rated Chef

See, there is in fact a career path for aging, aged, and well past their prime "hip hop" artists.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving Day. My meal was spot on. It was a bit uppity and high class for this working class Negro's pallet, but Lord was it scrumptious.

To point, apparently Coolio will be releasing a cookbook based on his Internet cooking show. Can anyone say welcome to diabetesville?

Second thought, so there is something called "ghettalian" bread? What's next? With incarceration as a new right of passage for the ign't classes, will prison cuisine infiltrate mainstream American fare? Are we going to see cookbooks that merge the best of the food preparation techniques from inside the prison system with the delicate ingredients that are the centerpieces of the slow food movement?

I wonder how Martha Stewart and Alice Waters are positioning themselves to profit off of this potential trend. Who knows, maybe Trader Joe's has a new addition to their line of Two Buck Chuck in the offering. Coming soon to a strip mall or a suburban exurb near you, Pruno. I can just imagine all of the wannabe cosmopolitan types raving about the subtle notes and flavors of prison hooch on NPR's All Things Considered: "Pruno is so aromatic and deceptively sophisticated...the introduction of this wondrous beverage speaks to the zeitgeist of the Great Recession...Prison culture has become American culture, first hip hop, now Pruno." Inevitably, faux wine experts will soon be imploring their friends to drink pruno out of a plastic jug lest the wine not hit the proper part of the tongue, and its flavor be diminished.

Enjoy and bon appetit! Truth be told, count me among the converted as I am going to cook me some of these soul rolls for Christmas dinner.


Black Moses said...

that was nignorant lol

Pandora Bunny said...

I don't know if I approve of kidnapping starving college students- but, I do love the idea of a gimp for doing the dishes.

I do think I could get behind the idea of Coolio's cookbook. It's about moderation, right? Especially if he keeps the same measurements (dime bag etc).

Some Lady said...

At first I laughed, until I realized how real this could get...

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@Moses---nignorant! I like that word, I will have to add it to my catchphrase Rolodex.

@Pandora--we have the english, the metric, and now the Coolio system. A key of butter, a dime bag of cumin, a half spliff of rosemary...

@Kera--and then you cried? no?


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

OMG! I love that show! I went to his YouTube channel and have been cracking up. And man, bro can cook! He did the right thing making this career switch and I hope he gets rich from it. I always did like Coolio, from way back when he sang Gangsta's Paradise. Serious beat with a serious message.

Here's his Cookin' With Coolio YouTube channel with all his shows:

Look for the clip, Game Day Turkey. Man that was funny. Thanks for posting this.