Friday, October 2, 2009

Kimbo Slice Beat on The Ultimate Fighter or Fight of the Century: The Myth of the Black Rapist Beaten by the Pillsbury Dough Boy

Kimbo Slice got his rusty black behind whooped on The Ultimate Fighter--quite deservedly if you ask me. Slice has no ground game and would have had better luck in the early, pre-Gracie era of UFC. Now, before he even steps into the octagon, Slice is already rendered obsolete.

Question: Doesn't Kimbo look like the myth of the black rapist come to life? Question two: could Kimbo do double duty as a poster child for the Klan's campaign against miscegenation? Question three: Were you surprised that the Pillsbury Dough Boy beat Kimbo "the guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley or see leering in your bedroom window" Slice?

By the way, Kimbo has a deal to fight at UFC's pay-per-view in December. Talk about failing your way to the top...

Update--check this great piece "Attack of the Giant Negroes," on Kimbo Slice and stereotypes of black manhood by Scratch of the blog, Scritch and Scratch...

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Vee (Scratch) said...

Damn Chauncey, why did he deserve to get beat? I'm just saying?

Slice ground game isn't his only problem. He has some technical flaws standing up.

Roy Nelson aka Pillsbury Dough Boy has solid jiu-jitsu skills and can take a good punch, no one who saw beyond the hype thought Ferguson was going to emerge victorious.

Peep my post "Attack of the Giant Negroes"