Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chauncey DeVega's World of Ghetto Nerds: Let's Go Behind the Scenes with Arnold's 1980's Classic, Commando

Why so serious?

Behold the curse that is the triumph of digital over analog. I don't miss my VCR. But, I do miss the fact that the director's cuts, extra features, and special attractions on that wonderful analog format felt opposed to the dime a dozen refuse that we are subject to all too often at present.

With DVD's we witness footage that should never have seen the light of day--but these materials make wonderful stuff for late night drinking, faux mystery science theater goof-off sessions. Most importantly, bloated DVD's make this ghetto nerd smile.

I am still looking for an online compilation of the special features from Black Knight, thus, Commando will have to make do in the meantime. Plus, you get to see Rae Dawn Chong in her we even need another excuse to bring this goodness to you, my fellow ghetto nerds, as well as respectable negroes?

Random question number 1: Who was hotter and a more recurring feature in the humpin' the bed a la Ghostface style, masturbatory fantasy rotation? Rae Dawn Chong or Heather Hunter?

Random question number 2: Am I the only one who slowed down the movie during the hotel fight scene to get a little extra peek at the full frontal nudity--aka female glory--of that scene? Any other Commando onanists in the audience?

Part 1 of the Commando featurette:

Part 2 of the Commando featurette:

Part 3 of the Commando featurette:


gordon gartrelle said...

Commando is one of the most entertaining action movies ever. Arnold's one-liners were especially silly and his body count pushes triple digits in this one.

My friends and brothers watched it dozens of times...and yes, we paused on the bedroom nudity.

Why did Rae Dawn Chong always have to have white love interests in 80s movies?

chaunceydevega said...

That is easily explained. Black men use black women as mules so she traded up!