Monday, October 5, 2009

Boo Hoo Bill O'Reilly Plays the Victim (Again) or Sam Tanenhaus Discusses the Death of Conservativism with Bill O'Reilly on The Factor

Bill O'Reilly plays the victimologist card once more. As Gordon has pointed out, it is one of the recurring ironies of the resurgent Right that white men, conservative white men in particular, are now victims of the liberals, the media, the Left, Barack Obama, or [insert villain of the day]. Actually, is it an irony anymore given that the "conservatives are perennial victims card" has become a script of sorts for the Right?

I thought Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Malkin, et al. bemoaned how minorities, women, gays, and others played the perennial "victim?" I guess one wears the shoe (or in keeping with the metaphor, plays the card) if it is politically expedient--even if it is a gross act of hypocrisy.

Compare Tanenhaus's appearance on O'Reilly with his interview on Bill Moyers Journal or this clip from Reason.TV:

Apples and oranges, no? True, the formats are different. But, I honestly do not know why anyone not in league with O'Reilly or inclined to agree with his brand of Right wing populism would go on The Factor to begin with. Any thoughts? Are folks just gluttons for punishment? Does the appeal lie in the fact that it is hard to take down the king in his own castle, on his throne, and surrounded by his elite bodyguards...but then again that victory would be the ultimate in sweet satisfaction.

As a bonus: Here is a great excerpt from the documentary Outfoxed that exposes some of the trickery and stagecraft behind O'Reilly's show:

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Constructive Feedback said...

Look no further for the "Death Of Conservatism" in

* Chicago
* Philly
* DC
* Detroit
* LA
* Rochester
* Newark
* Baltimore
* Atlanta
* St Louis
* Memphis
* Cleveland
* Milwaukee

The key question that must be asked (which you are not inclined to do so) is:

HOW DID THIS BENEFIT "THE LAST MAN STANDING" after "conservatism" exited?

I know one thing is for sure - there is more "Affordable Housing" in Detroit than ever before. The average home sale price is now $7,500.

RESPECT FOR SELF comes before others will respect you.s