Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Laughs: Which is Funnier? Pastor Manning? The Coffin Preacher? Or the Casket Practical Joke?

Pastor Manning is at it again! You got's to love him. I think that some enterprising video game developer should make a first person shooter or role playing game featuring Pastor Manning--now I would buy that for a dollar!

Behold the coffin preacher:

As the blog Oh Hell Nawl put it, this video damn near made me poop myself:

So which of these is funniest? I vote for Pastor Manning as my default, because as you all know he is my personal happiness pill.

Question: Is Pastor Manning putting some sort of Christian science hoodoo curse on Barack Obama? We know that prayer is purported to be able heal the sick, but can a "reverse prayer" make sick the healthy?

Not casket related, but a worthy bonus. Question: if the following happened to you, would you not just go ahead and simply "bless" the fool?


Citizen Ojo said...

Why does the coffin preacher look like Andre 3000 when they did the "Elevators" video for the ATLiens??

RiPPa said...

OK, I listened to the Coffin Man 1st and I'm friggin dyin over here. If the Law of Marginal Utility in economics is correct. I suspect that no other video I watch today will top that one.


Vee (Scratch) said...

Why not Reverend Simple Savior?