Thursday, September 24, 2009

Political Cryptozoology--They do Exist! A Photo Montage of African American Lyndon LaRouche Supporters in Chicago

My people, please do not ever say that Chauncey DeVega is not out there pounding the bricks in service of the tribe of respectable negroes.

Yesterday, during my daily travels (to and from the local Korean bbq spot and CVS) I encountered a most curious sight. It wasn't a yeti or a bigfoot. Nor was it a dodo bird. Comfortable on land, it could not possibly be the Loch Ness monster. It was rarer than a black Republican. As there was plentiful daylight, the beast could not possibly be Mothman:

Amazingly, not one, but two of the creatures were sighted! I had stumbled upon the holy grail of cryptozoology--the black Lyndon LaRouche supporter. While I was frightened at first, with my trusty camera in hand I bravely proceeded to document the encounter.

Quite friendly, but a bit skittish at first (they told me a story about how they were assaulted by a group of "brainwashed" Barack Obama supporters), the subjects were quite conversant with passerby's. Enthusiastic, the black Lyndon LaRouche supporters were eager to share their secret knowledge that Obama is the next Hitler, Lyndon LaRouche is the answer to America's problems, and a college education is a scam which should be replaced by "cooperative learning communities."

I was intrigued and came closer. I carefully spoke to the subjects in order to earn their trust. They became frightened and requested that I not linger near them. I continued to gently probe by asking more questions about how they found LaRouche. Again, I was rebuffed. Their White handler explained that they are not allowed to give interviews lest they be misrepresented by the mainstream media. His solution? That I contact the national headquarters and gain permission for us to speak with one another. Undaunted, I proceeded to call the national press officer who then proceeded to deny me permission for the interview.

As proof of my encounter with these mythic creatures I respectfully submit the following photographic evidence. Let history be the judge of the veracity and truth of my encounter with one of the rarest of creatures in the political ecosphere.

Photo 1

Is this black on black violence? Are Obama and this protester members of the same tribe? Take special note of the quiet pride and dignity in the countenance of the black Lyndon LaRouche supporter.

Photo 2

A rare sight: two of these exotic creatures sighted together at once. There must be a colony within close proximity to the near North side of Chicago. Notice the aquamarine plumage of the black Lyndon LaRouche supporter on the right--this coloring is used to attract females for potential induction into the tribe.

Photo 3

The males of this group use an innovative (and it seems, quite successful) approach to attracting women. As beautiful queens such as this sister walk by, the black Lyndon LaRouche supporter asks the object of his affection, "did you know that Barack Obama wants to kill you?" Shocked, the quarry pauses and then the black Lyndon LaRouche supporter can move in closer. If he is lucky, mating will soon commence.

Photo 4

More victims of the fierce "game" possessed by black Lyndon LaRouche supporters, as these women are waylaid by the boldness of their attack. Prior to the mating ritual, the above male (perhaps the alpha?) was overheard asking his compatriot, "where's the white women at?" All females should be cautious as black Lyndon LaRouche supporters do indeed know how to "spit hot fire at the ladies."

Photo 5

The black Lyndon LaRouche supporter is also a dangerous combatant if provoked. The male of the species often wears flip flops so that he can quickly pounce on a target. Notice the ashy feet and legs. This is a type of personal ornamentation that is an homage to the proud Zulu warriors, who because of rigorous training could use their calloused feet to extinguish fire or run hundreds of miles in a single day.

Photo 6

Males in the black Lyndon LaRouche tribe use a range of ornamentation to establish their masculinity and position in the male hierarchy. The male in the above picture tries to signal what some observers of urban culture have termed "street cred" by channeling the stylistic sensibilities of Raekwon the Chef in the much discussed, golden age hip hop video "Ice Cream."

Notice how this style of tribal dress uses white socks to attract the attention of potential mates. Of additional note are the worn over dress shoes that, as opposed to the Wallabees or Timberlands worn by Raekwon, signal a potential for upward mobility, wealth acquisition, and security--traits that are universally attractive to all women.

This has been an exciting discovery. If any of you have photos that should be included in our grand museum of the politically uncommon or rare by all means please email them to us. Remember, knowledge creation is a collective endeavor that stands to benefit all of humanity. We are forever in your debt as your participation in our most humble of projects is a service to all of mankind.


z.bediako said...

omg. this is the shit.

Howiecopywriter said...

This post is wildly sexual and zoological. No wonder they didn't want to talk to you.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@Howie--it is called satire, and the motif seemed appropriate.

@Z--thank you, I thought so too! Hopefully others will agree.


gordon gartrelle said...

1.) My man couldn't have found some lotion or cocoa butter somewhere?

Never trust anyone who will go out in public with ashy feet (I'm excluding those too poor afford skin moisturizers).

2.) I bet you anything these guys get paid at least double what their white counterparts make. They provide the transparent "it's not racist if a black guy says it" cover, and that has to be worth a premium.

Howiecopywriter said...

I'm a white guy that has been "in the movement" and trust me it is not like that. You don't get a penny extra for being the right religion, color or whatever. It just ain't PC in that way; trust me.

LynMarcus said...

Great coverage of the cult in Chicago. There are a lot of reasons the cult does not want the serfs at the card table shrines to answer questions.

Larouche is nothing but a convicted criminal and cult leader who was sent to prison in the 1980s for hijacking over 30 million dollars from people who thought that he was a legitimate person. In this regards, Larouche is more of a Bernie Madoff with his cult's promissory note schemes and credit card fraud. Like Madoff, hardly anyone who lost a total of nearly 34 million dollars in this madmans delusions and fraud will ever see a dime.

Larouche has been a socialist, communist, Christian, left/right winger, pro Russian, anti Russian and anything else you can imagine to sucker people to his delusions.For over 40 years he has been running a cult of endless economic collapse, New Dark Ages and Nuclear war to recruit enough naive colege kids to drop out of school and support him. His cult skips many labor laws as he has them called "volunteers" and has them running like hamsters 18 hours a day, 6 1/2 to 7 days a week with one crisis after another for about 20 to 40 dollars a week.

This cult circus has been going on for over 40 years by Larouche who has to recruit new blood to replace the worn out and broken down cult members who are discarded or those who have figured out how this farce works. Several hundred people have left the cult and in the last dying days of the elderly Larouche, he needs a few naive people to keep him and his wife living that millionaire lifestyle.

You can read about how this charade is run on sites like: under discussions where there are over 6K posts from former members about this lunacy.

LynMarcus said...

If you want to see what the real Larouche has to say about Obama, check out what he told his cult privately last year .

" I mean: Obama is a racist. I mean, with an African father--he wasn't much of an African father, but was an African father of Kenya. He was part of a British operation, which took over Kenya, through MI5's operation. But this guy was away from Kenya, and he married a Margaret Mead type, a woman who had a number of successive husbands, like Margaret Mead did. Went out to the poor, brown people, in Asia, and had sex with them! It was called "Coming in Samoa." [groans, laughter] And she wore through a number of successive husbands, and by them, had various children. And therefore, you'll find Obama's ancestry, if you chase his family tree, everybody's climbing and swinging from the branches there--from all over the world! All parts of the world! This guy is the universal man. Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him. And he works for organized crime--which is a branch of British intelligence. "

If you give your name and phone number to the cult, they will be calling you endlessly to save humanity which seems to be only done by emptying your bank account with them. If you are in college, then the way to save humanity is for you to drop out of college, toil endlessly at their card table shrines or boiler rooms raising money for him. You basicaly work for free as most people in cults.

Whatever is the current script is all just a mirage as it can change on a dime when Larouche needs you to raise money from another list of people. Last year, Obama was the devil incarnate,. Then , Obama is being advised by Larouche. Now Obama is Hitler. Read up on how this cult operates so you do not get hoodwinked by them.

If you have a desire to do political work, find a real org instead of a cult to spend your time with.

These cultists call themselves Democrats?

Friends of African Americans?

Read what the cult's LPAC National Leader had to say about a Black Democratic Senator years ago to see what sort of crazy town you are about to enter.

Just google Debbie Freeman with Parren Mitchell and see that the Senator had to pull a gun on the cult gang sent to his house.

"His outfit smacks of fascism to me," Rep. Parren J. Mitchell (D-Md.) said in a statement introduced in the libel case. Mitchell said in an interview that LaRouche supporters tried to break up his political gatherings in Baltimore and distributed literature calling him a drug dealer and a "house nigger." Mitchell said he received several anonymous telephone calls, including one death threat.

"I knew it was them because I recognized some of their voices," Mitchell said. He said the harassment ended soon after he pulled a gun on a group of LaRouche supporters gathered outside his Baltimore home. "

drumwolf said...

Larouchians are not "right-wing" or "left-wing" in any conventional sense. They are simply conspiracy theorists who hate whoever is in charge, whether it's Clinton, Obama, either Bush, or Reagan. Because of that, it's possible for both a black militant whackjob and a white right-wing extremist to project their own views onto the LaRouchians.

I was a full-time student at City College in San Francisco during the Bush years. The LaRouchians on campus there all the time, and I also saw them at San Francisco State University as well. Their literature was very scathingly anti-Bush and anti-Cheney. And most of them were people of color. I'm quite sure some of those people of color were fooled into thinking the LaRouchians were "left-wing" because of their scathing attacks on Bush.