Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Funnies: Stephen Colbert's Ownage of The Racist Screeds of Limbaugh and Beck

I must ask. Who is the American Socrates? Colbert? Chappelle? or Michael Moore? Who and why?

A bonus clip because we can, a classic from SNL--Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor's, "Word Association":


Mr. Six said...

Last night's "The Word" was a beautifully crafted bit of satire. Its arc was unpredictable, its punchline was both powerful and economical, and it was funny. I tipped my hat to Colbert and crew. They absolutely killed it.

TB said...

Chauncey, thanks so much for that SNL cip.

I've been looking for it for years (it seems).

It's been one of the funniest things I've ever seen about both language AND race relations in America.

It gets so much across in so little time. Pryor is pitch perfect, and Chevy Chase gets his end of things right too ... especially towards the end, being "the white guy that will do anything to get the black guy to calm down, leave him alone and pay whatever it might cost to mollify the white guy's guilt after crossing too many lines too many times."

Steel Turman said...

Wow. I happened upon your site during an image search for gefilte fish - go figure.

I thought to myself 'WOW, a new site, I have never heard about that's a class act and sharp!'.

How did I miss it?

I should disclose for purposes of the following statements that I am indeed, white. Well, sort of white, mostly injun, but ya couldn't tell it by lookin' at me.

My children are black.

That said, I love your site BUT ...

Glenn Beck is not a racist.

Limbaugh? Maybe, but no more so than most others and certainly not as much as your typical everyday paternalistic liberal.

But Beck? Naw. He's an honest man and honest men cannot be racist.


Anyway, thanks for being here and I will be back.

Steel Turman
Reno NV

chaunceydevega said...

@Mr. Six and TB, they don't make em like Pryor and Chase in their prime anymore, do they?

@Mr. Turman, me thinks I detect a note of irony in your voice...I hope ;)