Monday, September 28, 2009

Chauncey DeVega Says--An Unspeakable Act: 3 Hoodlums Charged in Beating Death of Chicago Honor Student or Who the Hell is Raising these Monsters?

I have to ask, who the hell is raising these monsters?

I have alluded to the following story a few times on this site, but incidents such as the above crime bring certain memories right back to the forefront of my mind.

A few years ago, I was the victim of an attempted armed robbery. I got lucky--very lucky--and fought off a gunman who during our struggle tried to take a brother out...thankfully the elder gods intervened and I was spared. I left my uncle a message that night about what happened. I was pretty impressed with myself, I didn't panic, with bare fists I fought off a person with a gun, and I did the right and honorable thing by the female friend I was with (I could just feel that he would have beat and raped her, and I would rather have stepped up and risked my life than to live and have watched such a thing happen without intervening).

Uncle didn't call me back for a few days. When he finally did, he told me in a quiet, very direct way, that since my dad had passed away, now he, my uncle, would give me the advice my pops would have if he were still here. My uncle coldly told me that I have a future, and that piece of garbage--another black man, sadly--could have killed me. My death would be the greatest thing that he accomplished, and the stickup kid's life will amount to nothing either don't ever give one of these monsters another shot at you. These hoodlums live to destroy people's lives and they have no conscience, moral framework, or self-control. They are mired in muck and debris. They are the living embodiment of our society's collective ugliness. In reading this sad story, and watching the video, I can't help but think that the pieces of human filth that killed young Derrion Albert for sport have taken a bright star out of the universe. Sadly, we are now forced to grieve with young Mr. Derrion's family--and to hope that he finds peace.

Too bad we don't have garbage men for the human condition who would deposit these young thugs on the refuse pile where they belong. Too bad, indeed...

Official Suspect Admits Role in Beating Death of Chicago Teen

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN)
-- One of the suspects accused of killing an honor student in a beating captured on tape in Chicago has admitted to jumping on the victim's head after he was already lying on the ground, a spokeswoman for the Chicago States Attorney office said.

In the videotaped confession, 19-year-old Silvanus Shannon also said that the victim, Derrion Albert, never struck him, said Tandra Simonton, spokesperson for the Cook County States Attorney.

All three teens arrested for Albert's death -- Silvanus Shannon, 19; Eric Carson, 16; and Eugene Riley, 18 -- were seen on the videotape attacking Albert, and were charged with first degree murder and held without bail, Simonton said.

On Monday during the bond hearing, prosecutors described how the street fight escalated from a dispute between two factions at Albert's high school to a beating that left the honor student dead.

Prosecutors said Derrion Albert was an "innocent bystander" who ended up in the middle of a street fight between two factions of students at his Fenger High School.

When school let out at 2:50 p.m. on Thursday, Albert was on his way to the bus stop when two groups of students converged on the street, Simonton said.

The two factions, one that lived near the Altgeld Gardens housing development and one in an area known as "The Ville," began fighting after a shooting earlier that day that police called gang-related.

Albert was approached by 16-year-old Eric Carson and another unknown person, both members of the "The Ville" faction, Simonton said. Carson struck Albert in the head with a long wooden railroad tie, and the second person punched him in the face, Simonton said.

Albert was knocked unconscious by the blows for a short period, Simonton said, but gained consciousness and quickly tried to move from the escalating street fight.

"He gained consciousness and moved a few feet away, but as he was trying to get up, he was attacked by a second group," Simonton said.

That group, made up of five members from the opposing faction, then took their shots at Albert, Simonton said.

He was struck in the head by Riley with a railroad tie, a rectangular piece of wood used as a base for railroad tracks, Simonton said.

Once Albert was on the ground again, Shannon was seen "stomping on his head repeatedly," Simonton said.

An amateur videotape shot by a witness, which has been broadcast nationally, showed the attack unfolding. A local TV station that received the tape turned it over to police.

The video shows that, as the attackers ran away, the person with the camera and several others approached Albert and carried him into a nearby building.

"Derrion, get up!" a female voice pleads on the video.

Albert was taken to Roseland Community Hospital and then to Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, Simonton said.

Shannon and Riley do not have criminal records. Carson is on probation for a 2008 robbery conviction, according to Simonton.

On Monday, family and friends, some wearing shirts bearing Albert's photo, held a vigil in his honor.

Albert's grandfather, Joseph Walker, told CNN affiliate WLS-TV that his grandson was a good kid who didn't deserve to die.

"He was in Bible class this Tuesday night. Church on Sunday," Walker told WLS-TV. "I have no trouble out of my grandson whatsoever. This thing that happened to him is so horrific that we just don't know what we're going to do. We lost a really dear friend in my grandson. He was a blessed child."

Walker said the family was struggling to come to terms with why Albert was killed.

"I don't know where all this anger come from these people today," he told WLS-TV. "That's just too much anger for someone to have in their heart. All I can do is I'm going to pray for these people, I'm going to to pray for forgiveness."

Albert's aunt, Rose Braxton, told CNN affiliate WGN-TV that the family was hurt again when a memorial in Albert's honor was burned down.

"To go and burn a memorial after such tragedy, then that just speaks for itself to what kind of people they are," she told WGN-TV.

Family and friends asked the community to turn in anyone they knew who was a part of Albert's beating.

"What kind of person, what kind of individual, has such rage and such anger and such madness?" the Rev. Michael Pfleger said. "We've got to get to the hearts of our children, because nothing, nothing, excuses or justifies the actions of an individual who would beat another individual. Nothing justifies that in this society. "

Pfleger said it was time to make a change, so children aren't afraid to go to or from school.

He said this kind of teen violence was not just an issue for Chicago, but from "Oakland to Newark."

Ron Huberman, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, said he had met with Albert's classmates.

"How do we make sure this event doesn't become another event?" he said. "Another vigil on another day."

Huberman said he will fight every day to ensure the safety of children in Chicago's schools.

"We can promise them and we can say that we we will absolutely remember Derrion," he said.

Flanked by people holding signs with photos of a young child and the words "Don't shoot, I want to grow up," Pfleger pleaded for peace.

"It's time for guns, and it's time for two-by-fours to stop being the way we treat each other," he said.


Sharon said...

What a horror.

It's not right. It's everything but right.

gordon gartrelle said...

1. I know people who work at that school. Apparently, there are fights everyday, and it's not just students; it's also their older friends and family members from the neighborhood joining in the festivities. But the students who cause trouble are a tiny fraction who ruin it for everybody. Typical.

2. I'm a little troubled by the over-emphasis on Albert's status as an honor student. I know that this is shorthand for "he wasn't in a gang," but it bothers me. If he were a below average student, would his murder be any less horrific?

3. This fucking idiot of a newscaster broadcasted that a kid she identified as a senior on the film told police who was involved in the beating. Good luck keeping that kid from getting beaten again (or maybe shot). This just shows that these news people have no regard for the subjects of their stories.

4. To answer your titular question: no one. No one is raising these monsters, and that's the problem. Saw one of these degenerates' mothers on the news defending her "baby" and downplaying the incident.

5. I know it's pointless, but I wish that the community members wouldn't organize a march in response to this senseless violence. Enough with the fucking marches.

chaunceydevega said...

@Gordon--here is the quote at

"Smith believes that Riley was defending his brother in the fight. Shannon, who has not viewed the tape, said she doesn't believe her son would have stomped on Albert's head.

"Silvonus is not a bad kid," said Shannon, 40. "He was protecting himself. Silvonus is not what they are making him out to be."

What a bunch of man-beast, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathers--truly a disgrace to the race. They are not worthy of freedom and full citizenship.

Again, the reason these creatures behave this way is that many of these baby boy, man children are made the "man" of the house by enabling parent(s)--and you get the derision to my tone. A bunch of boys who need positive rolemodels in their lives--particularly male role models...not the cornerboys and wannabe drug dealer teach them about responsibility, civility, honor, and respect for such crazy abstract concepts as right and wrong.

Like you said, where are/is "black leadership" on this one? Where are the fathers? Why are these women choosing to lay with these men who most certainly--by their track records--are not good fathers? Why breed with them...and yes, I said breed.


Vee (Scratch) said...

1. I've been hearing about serious high violence in Chicago since late 2008*.
2. I'm not troubled by the fact they're repeating the fact he was a honor student.
5. Agreed.

I don't know how effective the "black leadership" can or will be. I don't recall a recent situation where the black leadership got involved and changed the moral framework of a particular community. I've read reports of a single parent or group of parents taking charge of their communities. Hopefully there are parents within the community that will decide enough is enough and take action.

* Here's what a commenter left on one of those links-
Maurice brown on September 27, 2009 11:05 PM
My brother Shaun Brown attended fenger and was slain at age of 17 october 4th 2008 by a senseless act of violence just like this,my heart goes out to his family,i know how it feels i was in your shoes last year around this time, I got you in my prayers r.i.p darrion