Friday, August 28, 2009

A Limerick for a Hoe, a hoe, and a Hoe's Grandma or You All Are Going to Jail--15 and 17 Year Old Girls Caught Working at Strip Clubs

Here's a tongue twisting kind of sort of limerick for you: so a Hoe's grandma attempts to beat a reporter with a hoe for reporting on her granddaughter's Hoeish behavior, a Hoe who is working at a local strip club--where said Hoe is a hard working Hoe and hoe. Hoes a plenty it seems!

Grandma was going to work over that reporter with her very own Shaolin spade--and I am impressed. But I must ask: is "grandma save a hoe" actually more akin to being an expert at Filipino stick fighting than the Shaolin martial arts?

Who says the black family isn't strong?


RiPPa said...


I am in tears right now after reading this. No seriously, this was friggin hilarious! I guess granny was listening to Liquid Swords when the news crew rolled up.

Thanks for the link love.

Kjen said...

Regardless of the girl's after school activities (well, if she was going to school), but shouldn't there be some sort of age limit when you can slap a female with the ho/bitch/slut label?
So, if when she turns 18 and you still find her up in da strip club feel free to use one of three, til then - uh uh.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Oh my...

Hoes can be very dangerous, especially if they're used in a chopping down motion upon your head.

I loved the way the city attorney defended the club as being duped by two teenagers into hiring them. Way to stick up for the status quo, nimrod (frequent patron)!

The club owners, I'm quite sure, are not hoes, but merely asshoes.

chaunceydevega said...

@Rippa, you got it first.

@kjen, sorry no age of nonage here.

@poetyman, assholes? no capitalists.


joejones said...

Here's a thought, how is it that they recorded the attack with a second camera?

In any case, wonderful moment in Hostory, caught on tape.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

I wrote "asshoes" not "assholes". It was, I suppose, a lame attempt at humor. :>) But capitalists is better.