Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Internets Discovery Part 1--Black Women Belong Barefoot, Pregnant, and Back in the Kitchen

I will share a long held fantasy. I have always dreamed of coming home and being greeted by the wonderful image of my beautiful Nubian (or ambiguously brown) queen topless and in the kitchen. As I enter my home, my nostrils would be opened by the wondrous smell of fried chicken. And there she would be, topless, not afraid of the spitting grease and lard frying from the iron skillet, making her man a meal fit for a king. You see, making fried chicken with one's breasts exposed is the ultimate mating of the sensual and the culinary--an act of selfless love. I am in good company as the mayor of Blacktown seems to be in agreement with me.

The mayor of blacktown is a national treasure. He reveals hidden truths. The mayor understands the damage which the sagging pants culture has done to black boys. Now, he blesses us with song. Mayor, you are the Paul Robeson of the 21st century.


RiPPa said...

*Sexual chocolate! Sexual chocolate!*

Sassy Natural Mama said...

"If we don't tell you what your proper position and place is, then how will you know?" WOOOOOOOOOOW

chaunceydevega said...

That's right 80's baby! Women need direction and the STRAWNG Black Man will give it to them!


Unknown said...

i am eternally grateful for this.. thank you!! looool..