Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Double Down" on Diabetes---We Are Indeed a Society Too Sick to Survive: KFC Has a "Sandwich" Where the Bread is Replaced by Fried Chicken

Again, I am rendered speechless. Is this sandwich a crime against humanity? Where is the UN?


Sue said...

I thought this was a joke (and granted, watching a fox news clip didn't take that away), but honestly, why doesn't KFC just shoot its customers in the heart instead? oh, wait, no money in that.

Anonymous said...

"We are indeed a society too sick to survive: KFC has a sandwich where the bread is replaced by fried chicken"

No, that is not your problem, even as a society... unless you DO believe that a for-profit operation is in any way an expression of what your society may be.

Which, IMHO, says more about you than it says about either KFC or the 'American' society (gotta wonder what the heck that is).


Editor said...

Man, do I want to eat that.

zencomix said...

What, NO gravy?!?

numfar said...

No amount of fiber would offset the effects of that sandwich.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

That sista should have never allowed the Colonel to steal that recipe of 11 herbs and spices from her, cause the Colonel has sure bastardized it.

Like Black People are the only ones eating fried chicken, but when this crap starts killing white people, you will see how fast this "sandwich" gets pulled off the menu.

AgentX said...

After the grilled chicken debacle of the spring, I know KFC wants to get back into the good graces of people, but this is not the way to do it. Just do chicken right, KFC. That includes the use of bread, not chicken as bread, mmkay?

I must admit it looks tasty, though. Weird but tasty.

Liberal AND Proud said... giblets either.

Blue Mark said...

I think the Double Down is a brilliant ploy by KFC. All they did was take Chicken Cordon Bleu and suggest eating it like a sandwich instead of with a knife and fork.

Now they are getting a million dollars in free advertising from a credulous media, and a bunch of Bubba's who would never come within a country mile of "french" cuisine are salivating over it.