Sunday, July 26, 2009

Been Traveling--The Wisdom of Sanford and Son on Henry Louis Gates Jr. Being Arrested in His Own Home

I just got back into town a few hours ago. Lord bless all of the unclean masses of humanity on the Greyhound Bus from Chicago to Kalamazoo. On this Gates business, I have a guest poster, some more of my own thoughts--you may or may not be surprised--and a piece that may be appearing elsewhere that I will repost on this most humble site.

This is sort of informal as I have mixed feelings on this case each time I think about it. I am frankly pissed that Obama "apologized," because O-Man was being too political so as not to be too black. But then, I think that some are playing up this case to earn some credibility as authentic Negroes when they have done much to distance themselves from the people. It seems I be in the midst of some racial schizophrenia! Is this an uncommon affliction among our folk? Some pork loin, a Sapporo beer, and a viewing of Watchmen may clear my mind, but I may likely remain confused...


Max Reddick said...

Fred Sanford is always absolutely timeless. And always appropos

chaunceydevega said...

Fred has an answer for every problem and every dilemma.

He is one of my personal godheads--behold Tut the king of junk...bonus points if you get the reference.

chauncey d