Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update Number 1: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of Black Privilege in the Age of Barack Obama

Pat Buchanan is speaking truth to power again!

I will create a more complete list in the near future. For now, here are some choice comments and suggestions from our readers. Keep them coming folks, this is our chance to expose the unfair privileges that Black Americans have been enjoying during (and before) the age of Obama. Bathe in the waters of justice as we make clear for all our many accumulated unfair advantages--

From Exodus Mentality:

Black communities are afforded far more than their fair share of police protection. White communities can go days without seeing a police officer, but there is never any shortage of protection and service in Black neighborhoods. Our streets are constantly swept for crime and would be criminals. Surely we don't deserve such heightened attention, but we are privileged to receive it nonetheless.

In a somewhat similar vein, people of color are given far more chances to go to prison and take the time to think about their crimes and rehabilitate themselves, than their white counterparts. Often white people are not held responsible for their criminal activity, thus denying the the moral value of learning from their mistakes.

From Master Mahan:

As a white person, I never realized just how much society was aligned against me. Certainly I'd recognized a few disadvantages, such as the economic burden of needing to purchase sunscreen, but not all this. I don't receive near as many opportunities to learn about the justice system up close. I learn less about surviving hardships because the federal government will quickly help me before, during, and after a natural disaster.

I need to fulfill higher expectations because it's automatically assumed the best person for the job looks like me. Because of this, I'll be burdened with more responsibility and a higher tax rate. I'll need to work harder for a job to prove I wasn't a non-affirmative action pick.

Even in the media I'm at a disadvantage. I'll receive less attention if I'm falsely accused of kidnapping a white woman. No reporter will specifically seek someone of my race out for anything a white person does in the news.

The biggest black privilege of all, though, comes if you enter politics as a member of the Republican party. You'll receive funding to run against other black people. You'll placed directly behind many famous Republicans when they give speeches. You're guaranteed to be shown on TV at the Republican National Convention, and there's an excellent chance you'll be asked a give a speech. Even if you can't win a single election, you'll have job security for life. As a white man, I just wouldn't receive that sort of treatment. That's not even considering the privileges of being a woman, either. No glass ceiling means I get wet when it rains.

From MonkeyBoy:

You forgot the privilege of becoming an expert on matters of food and taste. Explaining things like why some people prefer to eat a hamburger with Dijon mustard as opposed to watermelon.

From Pudgybudgie:

You forgot the extreme attention that is paid to the driving safety and comfort of Black Americans. I can't remember the last time a police officer pulled me over to make sure I was driving a safe speed, or had all my taillights in working order. Not to mention they never stop to check that it's actually ME driving my car and not some other scoundrel. It's almost as if the highway patrol doesn't even SEE white suburban housewives.


macon d said...

That guy talking to Pat's got it right--us white guys get to look like dead fish flopping around on the deck now!

And in the age of Obama, we get to put on pancake makeup, a fright-wig and a red rubber nose, climb into a pundit seat, and then still get respected when we air out all our crazed insecurities and anxieties. Thank goodness--things were getting downright moldy inside. Let the sun shine in!

MonkeyBoy said...

One things Negros should bone up on is President Kennedy. His pretending to be ‘stylish and sophisticated’ as the outsider first Catholic president got him assassinated. While many Americans loved Kennedy he paid his price. All presidents since then have been essentially tasteless. Some examples include Nixon’s favorite lunch of cottage cheese and catsup, Bush I’s refusal to eat broccoli, Clinton’s love of McDonalds, Bush II and his fat-free hotdogs that he continuously munched and even served to foreign heads of state.

All Negros should pledge to eat only traditional foods such as corn mush, fatback, collard greens, and McDonalds. Some Oriental saying (that I can’t source) says essentially that ‘those that stand out will be hammered back down’. If Obama is ever seen eating sushi then that should be reported as something his handlers forced him do.

The worst thing Obama can do is to offend some guy who likes to eat a baloney, mayonnaise, and yellow mustard on white bread sandwich. If Obama pretends to have more sophisticated tastes then that 20% of the electorate will be the swing vote that keeps him from being reelected because he is uppity.


Black privilege??

To some, that would be an oxymoron...

To me, it's just a way of life.