Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Personal Happiness Pill: Pastor Manning Interviewed on the Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern is a great interviewer because he creates an environment which disarms his subjects. Because guests on Stern's show are anticipating an experience so bizarre and outlandish, as a defensive measure they reveal a great deal by answering the very plain spoken, yet revealing questions, which Stern (aided by Robin Quivers) asks. The Pastor Manning interview is a masterful example of this approach.

Some choice moments:

@4:04--Manning's observation that only trashy white women would get with black men during the time period when Obama's father married his mom. Second point: "that everybody knows that African Men will jump over beautiful, educated, black women to get with one trashy white woman."

@7:00--"Prior to working as a burglar." Notice the parsing of that phrase.

@9:00--Pastor Manning describes his theological training. To be honest, I was surprised he studied under such notables as James Cone and Cornel West at the Union Theological Seminary--are they embarrassed, ashamed, or proud? Interestingly, his "doctorate" is a title granted by the church of which he is a minister...hmmmm.

@2:40--Pastor Manning discusses his marriage and dating history. Apparently, as a young man fresh from the fields of North Carolina, Manning moved to New York City. Beware the wicked race mixing ways of the North, as Manning was seduced by a young White woman in the stockroom of Lord and Taylor.

@4:15--Barack Obama is Senator Tarzan? I have to admit that is pretty funny.

@5:06--Oprah Winfrey is a Babylonian whore! Damn!

@7:49--Madness versus Craziness.


MilesEllison said...

Oprah is a Babylonian whore? I thought she was a Mammy. So hard to keep up. As for Pastor Manning, if there is any substantial number of people attending his "church," or whatever it is, I despair for the future of our race. Who would have guessed that minstrelsy would be MORE popular with a black President?

Sergio said...

This is the GREATEST! I'm a hard core Stern fan and listen to him almost every day on Sirius but I missed this one. By the way, the black guy who comes in the third part is Reily Martin, a Stern "wack pack" regular who claims he was kidnapped by aliens and is still in contact with them.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@Miles--she is a babylonian mammy.

@Sergio--I love Reilly Martin. Search his name on the site. We have done a few pieces with him. He is really really priceless. Oh behold Tan and his message from outer space. I am especially fond of Reilly's story where he discusses having sex with alien women while high on alien viagra.

chauncey d