Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hurricane Chris Raps in the Louisiana House of Representatives and in Doing So Justifies the End of Reconstruction

I am rendered speechless once more.

Question one: is this an example of what some have called "the black image in the white mind" come true? Is Hurricane's performance an act of racial projection that validates D. W. Griffith's wicked lies about African American self-rule during Reconstruction?

Question two: given the many celebrity deaths this past week, am I alone in wishing that hip hop had died a glorious death a decade or so ago so that she would be spared the indignity of a slow, painful decline?


RiPPa said...

To answer the questions posed, or to hear my thoughts click the link below.

When Hurricane Chris is the smartest kid in Louisiana there's a problem, and it's a damn shame!

Trust me, this shit is deep and indeed indicative of a very much larger issue as you've alluded to.

Drawtist_P said...

I saw that Hurricane Chris video on another blog, and my soul wouldn't allow me to watch past the first 5 seconds. That was too much buffoonery for me to handle.

MilesEllison said...

That is truly disgraceful. When you lower the bar, there's no controlling what will crawl over it. A Birth Of A Nation remake is looming on the horizon. Something like this will be the centerpiece scene.

chaunceydevega said...

@miles--Do they even need to remake Birth of a Nation, when they have BET doing all the work?

@Leo, you have to watch this mess lest you not become desensitized to it!

@Rippa--good catch and I saw this on your blog as well. Maybe we are just narrow minded, conservative, old folk who just don't get the ways of the youngsters.


Drawtist_P said...

@chauncydevega - I tried again but *sigh*...do you think my lack of contact with BET for almost 11 years has anything to do with my low resistance?