Friday, June 5, 2009

Choose Your Own Path: Anti-Black Racism Among Israeli and American Jews! or Drunk, White, Frat Boys and Sorority Chicks Say the Damndest Things

Hat tip to Ta-Nehisi Coates for calling my attention to this at journalist Max Blumenthal's website. Observation number one: she is a poli-sci major? yikes. Observation number two: you worked for Obama's campaign? yikes again. Cheap plug: check out our Chitlins and Gefilte Fish series from a few months ago which speaks directly to the issue of Black/Jewish relations.


Question: Is the above video clip of drunken Jewish American college students in Israel ranting about Barack Obama and calling him "nigger" (among the other less than polite descriptions applied to him) an example of:

A) A deep-seeded anti-black racism among Israeli and American Jewry that speaks to a significant divide between the two communities--one that points to the existence of high levels of anti-black racism abroad that Obama's presidency does little to ameliorate?


B) A bunch of drunk, White frat boys and sorority chicks who when given a bit too much alcohol, the ultimate lubricant for truth, simply shared their honest feelings about Barack Obama and black people at large?

Choose a solution and explain your reasoning.


blaqbird said...

geez...made my skin crawl. that was quite disturbing; I'm not sure I would run around claiming that I'm a poli-sci major and then not be able to name the Prime Minister of Israel. And since when did majoring in political science make someone an expert on politics? I'm guessing applying the knowledge is essential. Anyways I doubt any of those people have been around a black person for any significant amount of time. They follow what they see on television, movies, and any other technological medium to the outside world. Oh well, what can be done?

American Black Chick in Europe said...

Wow...this was just scary, that folks would be so open about their ignorance. And what's up with the poli sci chick not knowing who Benjamin Netanyahu is? That's just sad! If you claim to speak for your country and your people, at the very least know who the f*ck the leader is of said country/people.

And am I the only one who visualized the guy who yelled "white power" morphing into a neo-Nazi skinhead? What's even sadder is that he, as a Jew, would use that phrase in any context, given it's association. world indeed.

RiPPa said...

So this is where Jewish college kids go for Spring Break, huh? You gotta give it to them: they are truly loyal to the motherland aren't they?


Forget that Black Bike Week and Freaknick thing. Go get drunk in Africa, and take plenty of pictures.

Ok, my answer to the question would be all of the above. Of course it wasn't an option, but that's the way I see it. I say that because the Jewish Lobby AIPAC and other noted Jewish orgs have been hijacked by some less than prophetic neoconservatives. That being the case, one can only expect the further polarization as displayed in the video; nothing new really, it's been going on for a very long time now.

I'm willing to bet that none of these kids in the video are aware that Blacks and Jews worked together in the Civil Rights movement. Like many kids today, I think they have no sense of history.

gordon gartrelle said...

It's clearly B. We shouldn't take these drunken assholes' ignorant, racist as somehow representative of Jewish folks' sentiments toward black people.

These kids are privileged, ignorant (though educated), and drinking shots of Likul-aid along with their beer.


Welll.... I don't know what type of reaction you wanted from the, wait...I know exactly what you wanted to hear from the audience.

Moshe said...

This is how much racism is in Israel first of all most of the people who live in Israel aren't natural
descendants,remember it was 1.Zionism that got them there(Theodore Herzl)the father of zionism.
2.USA interest in oil and a much closer way to keep an eye on the black gold, could not let the USSR get a leg up on them that is why they help in the arab,israeli six day war.
Most of these people you see just as dumb as a box of rocks half of them could not tell you about how the land came to be.To call the President out of his name you have to expect that, there are a lot of people upset with just the fact he is black. Hell with him trying to bridge a solution so they both can live in the land and to call him a terrorist! You ask yourself if someone was constantly putting they're foot on your neck and it affects your family how would you be? They are not just killing for the fun of it these are nazis with guns just in modern times (Adolph Hitler was a Jew)and they slaughter palestinians. Most of the people who we're born there, have had families there living peacefully before 1948 when these clowns made they're way into the land. Originally they wanted Uganda but no political interest there for USA.....if we read and dive a little more into this you will see how they treat ethiopian jews and still will not acknowledge them, they believe that Israel started in Hungary,Germany,or whatever eastern block country they come from.They deny any african heritage whatsoever and that is what kills me.Remember when the USSR collapsed America had to keep the hero image going on and guess what islam became the new communism I remember how they used the taliban to help against the USSR now since they're not here we will just call these people terroist...........Spoken from an Israelite living in America

puddy said...

first off, most of the people in the vid are american jews - not israelis. israeli youth blow americans away in terms of maturity due to the harsh realities of growing up in a warzone and the obvious pressures of conscription. that being said, of course there is racism in israel - where is there not? but please don't make the mistake of thinking jews (american, israeli or otherwise) are any more racist than any other group. to think that would be an act of ignorance comparable to what the morons in this vid are expressing.