Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brother X-Squared at the Movies or Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Reviewed--Tricknology and the White Man's Demagoguery

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) is proud to announce a new project: Brother X-Squared at the Movies. This new series will feature one of our most popular commentators and his unique perspective on the art, aesthetics, and politics of film. Brother X-Squared is a true Renaissance man and we know that his series will soon grow to become one of WARNNN's most popular features. For his first installment, Brother X-Squared offers his feelings on the soon to be Hollywood blockbuster movie, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.


Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen is perfectly titled. It is an example of the fallen white man. It an example of how the white man has tried to make the Black man fall to his level. It is an example of how the white man uses tricknology to try to create the fall of the Black man. In short, Transformers 2 is a prime example of the white man's duplicitous evil--but as our honored elders teach us, all Nubian warriors should study this film because it contains truths that are mixed with lies, and as Asian god knowledge warrior Sun-Tzu taught, we must know our enemies as well as ourselves in order to be victorious in battle.

Transformers 2 is a story about giant robots from the planet Cybertron who have brought their thousand year long battle to the planet Earth. The plot points are irrelevant because as that white race mixer Roger Ebert said, "If you want to save yourself the ticket price, go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination."

You see, this is how tricknology works! It lulls you into a mindstate where you are receptive to the manipulation of your subliminals. Michael Bay, as an instrument of Zionist controlled Hollywood is a master of mind control and mental warfare. Consider how all of his movies have denigrated the Black man--Bad Boys 1 and 2 (what I like to call the Will Smith happy rapping negro meets doing the monkey shine Martin Lawrence); Armageddon (with that "magical", foolish, ape-like negro Michael Clark Duncan from the movie, The Green Mile); and Titanic where he doesn't even show the Black passengers (except for the good negro servants who instead of escaping continue to play music for their white social betters) on that boat and dares to waste 3 hours of our time waiting for a bunch of ice people to get their comeuppance from an iceberg. Just like the Nazi propagandists in World War 2, Michael Bay is an expert at implanting images into our subconscious in order to control our emotions.

Thus, and in keen fashion, Transformers 2 is an assault on the positive Afro-Asiatic mindstate that Nubians in America need to develop in order to protect ourselves from psychic violation by the white man. For example, we have worked long and hard to rewrite the white man's lies about Egypt. In Bay's version, this greatest of civilizations was populated by white people that looked like Elizabeth Taylor and Kirk Douglas--and don't ever forget how that devil John Wayne was cast as colored military genius, Genghis Khan.

Transformers 2 perpetrates an even more wicked lie.

In Bay's movie, the villains of the film, the Decepticons have actually hidden a machine that destroys the sun inside the Great Pyramid of Giza! Yes, OUR great pyramid, one of the greatest marvels of the ancient world. And here is where the white man's tricknology is so very deep, his attack on Nubian consciousness so profound, that this foul machine is designed to destroy the sun! Yes, the very life essence of the Afro-Asiatic man as a sun person! In short, the Decepticons are actually trying to commit genocide against the Black man in the service of the white, ice people. This wickedness is hidden in plain sight for all to see and for our children to internalize: Transformers 2 is a movie about the genocidal destruction of the Black man. It is the white man's wish fulfillment brought to life.

Transformers 2 is multilayered in how it attacks the Black man. Again, as I love to say, the white man is playing 3 dimensional Star Trek chess while you negro, lapdog, Obama post-racial types are playing a game of spades or checkers. In the mythology of the movie, there were several original "Primes" who made a pact to never destroy life as they searched the galaxy for suns to consume. To understand why this is important you need a deep understanding of the subtleties of the Black man's life force. The Black man needs the sun. As Gods we actually consume its heat and energy, but just like the Primes, we would never destroy life in order to satisfy our needs. The Black man as sun king is a life giver not a life destroyer, he is a positive not a negative. Inevitably, one of these legendary Primes decides to break this rule and to destroy the Earth. The other Primes then sacrifice themselves in order to stop him. Who is this betrayer? "The Fallen" of the movie's title.

Again, truths mixed with lies. This story is directly out of the teachings of Black genius Elijah Muhammed!

The fallen character who creates all of this violence and mischief in the movie is a proverbial fallen angel, who is in turn exiled and defeated by the Primes. In parallel, just like Elijah Muhammed taught us, the white man is actually an invention of an evil scientist named Yakub who betrayed the wisdom of the Gods. In Transformers 2, the Decepticons are direct descendants of this fallen Prime. And notice the name: "Decepticon" equals "deception." Again, the wisdom offered by the Afro-Asiatic transcendent mindstate proves revelatory. Just as the white man is a natural deceiver, the Decepticons are naturally evil!

The heroes of the film are led by Optimus Prime--the last of these legendary Primes. He is loyal to humanity and is compelled to be honorable and righteous. Again, Transformers 2 assaults the mental defenses of the Black man. Optimus is a slave to the white man's will! He is self-sacrificing and willing to do anything to protect the white man's world. Optimus, as in thinking optimistically--one of the tenets of the strong and righteous Afrocentric mental state--is noble, but again, here is Michael Bay's trickery, he is the leader of the "heroes," the Autobots, who are actively assaulting Black personhood.

The movie features any number of denigrating references to the Black man. President Obama, that halfrican leader of respectable negroes, is depicted as a coward who runs away when the Decepticons attack the world. There is a sad, indentured servant-like negro with rotten teeth who works in the foul, swine soiled butcher shop of one of the human protagonists (a Jewish character with a "pubic hair" like afro) so that he can buy some new teeth from the Sky Mall magazine...yes, the Sky Mall magazine--that level of wickedness is so multifaceted that I am still trying to figure out the racially coded meaning behind that allusion.

The worst and most foul of these assaults on the Black man are the two Autobot twins named "Mudflap" and "Skids." These characters are worse than that coon Jar Jar Binks from those hellish Star Wars movies. Apparently, these robots are the bastard offspring of that minstrel hip-hopper Lil Jon and coon extraordinaire Stepin Fetchit. Mudflap and Skids (names that are intentionally close to the racist slurs "mud people" and "spics") are lazy, uncooperative, and need to be "disciplined" like uppity slaves by an overseer named "Bumblebee" (who in another time would sting the captive Nubians with his whip).

The level of the wickedness on display in this movie knows no limits as these two robot Sambos are illiterate, have gold teeth (but their pants aren't sagging, thank goodness), and speak in the most stereotypical, nouveau slave, urban, hip hop, pidgin English imaginable. The worst part of Transformer 2's use of these images is that the fools in the theater with me were laughing at this nonsense! Yes, Black, brown, red, and yellow alike were cackling like they were hyenas! I could understand the white devils enjoying this visual assault on Black people, but for the melanin empowered people to not see how they are being violated, truly boggles the mind. Again, white supremacy is the greatest tricknology of all time and the white man is a master at deploying it in ways both subtle and gross.

The ways of white folks which are on display in Transformers 2 are clear to all mentally empowered and intelligent Nubians. Where by contrast, the white man's tricknology distracts you simpleton neo-slave, negroes with a "hero" in Optimus Prime so that any charges of racism will be diffused, all the while socializing you into believing the most pernicious stereotypes of Black humanity--stereotypes which you all internalize and reproduce.

In my Afrocentric, black god, transcendent and mentally empowered analysis of politics, art, and culture, I always return to the natural depravity of the white man and how through sex he has waged a long battle against the Black man's spirituality and rightful place as ruler over the Black family. Because he is a natural sex deviant, the white man cannot help but insert his fascination with unnatural sexual acts into his films and "culture."

Transformers 2
has many such instances. The film itself is full of inter-species sex and miscegenation between humans and robots (one of which is naturally disguised as a white woman!). Shockingly, some of the sex in this movie is even bestial in nature. Transformer 2's worst and most depraved use of sex in order to humiliate the Afro-Asiatic Black man involves the movies climax where a giant robot named Devastator is assaulting the Great Pyramid of Giza. This monstrosity of a thing is tearing down one of the greatest marvels of Black genius while his testicles, yes his robot testicles, are swinging in the face of one of the human characters. Sick and gross.

This is the ultimate example of the wickedness of the white man's tricknology on display in this film: Devastator is doing what the white sex freaks call "tea bagging" (a sex act where a man puts his testicles and scrotum in another person's face...and not coincidentally "tea bagging" is also the name for what those closeted, white, perverted conservatives called their wannabe lynching party "protests" a few months back). Ultimately, Devastator was metaphorically putting his deceptive, foul, testicles quite literally in the face of the Black man's history and legacy.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is an assault on Nubian consciousness. But, as good warriors, you are obligated to see this foul film in order to be fully prepared in all things as we battle the white man's wickedness.


RiPPa said...

I love it whenever this brother speaks. Ok yeah, so some may say he's paranoid and reaching, but I believe him yo. This tricknology stuff is deeper than the Matrix and it's good to know that we still have brothers like this brother still among us. Now all we have to do is get our people to stop eating them chitlins and we'd be alright.

::Raises Black Power Fist::

luclonde said...

Ha haaa! I love this piece.

Drawtist_P said...

Micheal Bay wasn't responsible for Titanic; James Cameron was. If Bay directed that project, there would be more explosions and even less plot.

chaunceydevega said...

@Leo they are all the same! interchangeable in their wickedness! Don't let yourself be tricked by their "individuality!"

brother x squared

Nicole said...

Okay I agree with some points in this article especially the comment that Roger Ebert made because that is exactly how I felt when I left out of the movie. The movie was pretty much all flash and no substance with plot holes that you could fit a humvee through. While I agree with your viewpoint on certain things some of your statements confuse me, not because I am ignorant on the subject matter but because I just do not know what you are talking about. At what point in the movie does Bay revert back to the stereotype that everyone in Egypt was white? Anyone educated knows that this is a lie perpetuated by Hollywood anyway but I do not remember an instance where I saw an Elizabeth Taylor-esque individual strolling by the temples. Who or what determined that Optimus Prime was black? I agree that the Mudflap and Skid character were heavy on the stereotypical urban language but it's not like they started saying yes massa and no massa and broke out into song and dance. Yes they could not read the language but it was stated that no one in their 'age' group could because it was so old. Maybe you think that it is naive to believe that no harm was meant by those characters but I see the characters as how white people are often at odds with black culture and how far they can go with it. I am not attacking your review, I just feel as if these questions need to be answered before we start labeling people as brainwashed racists that are infecting our race, culture, and the way that others think about us. I agree with you that the movie is not a great example of equality with, if I remember correctly, a grand total of two black people. One a token and the other one well...a token soldier. The mention of President Obama could have been completely left out but I saw it as a nod to what could happen to any President, not as the coward running away. I enjoyed your article because it was not afraid to look beneath the special effects spell this movie has cast over some but your review left me with more questions than satisfaction.

chaunceydevega said...


Sister, you need to free your mind from the wickedness of hollywood. Don't try to engage the evil of the white man and his tricknology on its own terms! look beneath the surface sister, there are levels and levels of truth! enter the deepest chamber to find true afrocentric wisdom. And given how the wicked decepticons were deceivers during the opening montage of the movie we do see strong Afro-Asiatic gods fighting the we would would do when faced with the White man's evil...those strong brothers are destroyed. Again, another of the White man's lies about how we succumbed to colonization.

stay strong in the struggle!

Brother X-Squared

Roopika Risam said...

Brother X-Squared Vindicated!

Destiny said...

This blog post brought me to tears. I feel so sorry for you. I'm an African American 23 year old girl in an accelerated college course majoring in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, and the hatred and animosity you're spreading is gross and offensive to ME!! You call yourselves respectable negroes, but there's nothing respectable about fabricating excuses to hate on all white people because some white people are racist, just like some of us are racist, case in point, YOU! This breaks my heart. I can't even begin to imagine the kind of upbringing you must have had to have your mind so poisoned and deluded. I hope this is all an act. Please reconsider your position! How will we ever end racism when you so blatantly spread it yourself! Yes, we tend to be more victims of racism than white people when it comes to skin color, but everyone is a victim in terms of ethnicity, religion and politics at one point or another! That doesn't give you the right to spread hatred and try to blame an entire race for something that offends you that isn't EVEN THERE!!! This literally breaks my heart. I hope one day you run in to me at a mall, and I'm with my two best friends in the world, a white girl and a hispanic girl, who I would do anything for and who would do (and has done!) anything for me too! maybe then you can end your painfully hateful and biased opinion on the actual "oppression" on us! Did you ever stop to think about the fact that playing the victim role where it doesn't even make sense CHEAPENS IT FOR ACTUAL VICTIMS OF RACISM!?!? My grand parents were blatant victims of racism, and I'm positive even they would be APPALLED at this post and your opinions, and they would be even OFFENDED that you haven't actually even been oppressed, you're just trying to get sympathy!!! Please, please, please please stop! You're giving actual respectable negroes a terrible name! I'm so ashamed of this post, I just hope that you don't poison other people's minds with your lies. I'm so sorry for whatever made you like this, but please consider what you're actually saying! "Neubile minds" and "tricknology"???? this is ridiculous! I'm going to start crying if I think about this anymore so I'm going to go, please, even if you remove this comment from your incredibly hateful blog, consider my words! We don't have to be afraid of white people!!! There are good white people just like there are good black people and hispanic people and asian people and all people! Please stop this hatred, please. This breaks my heart.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...


My queen. Do you know what your name means? An inevitable goal, an inexorable force, an end that cannot be resisted by man or nature! Internalize this meaning so that you can throw off the white man's wickedness. You have internalized his wickedness and reproduce it by defending his evil ways. The Black King and Queen cannot be racist. Why? We do not have power. See, you have given the white man power by letting him trick you (tricknology) into believing his evil is equal to any other evil in the world.

High energy and nuclear physics! Yes, my Nubian goddess! Yes! Yes! Yes! We need warriors in the struggle such as you. Research your own history as an Afro-Asiatic Black goddess so that you will know that WE, THE BLACK MAN is the root of this science.

As melanin nuclear reactors we have mastered zero-point energy and are the masters of the universe.

We love you Goddess, free yourself of the power of the melanin deprived.

Brother X-Squared

RiPPa said...

I am soooo laughing at this.

Brother X-Squared is the man!

Anonymous said...

I've read these blog posts with Brother X-squared and I love them. But it is truly amazing to me how there are always slow people who write angry responses. WOW.

Karen said...

This made me laugh until I cried. Just brilliant. BRILLIANT.

Sorry not everyone is equipped with the satire chromosome.

Anonymous said...

Some people look into things way too much...