Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why do Some White Women Prefer Black Men? Pat Buchanan Under Siege Part 2

Pat Buchanan may in fact be justified in his recent feelings of paranoia, angst, and disempowerment because if the following video is any indication, the new Jim Crow against White men may in fact be a global phenomenon.

I have not done one of my video annotations in a long time. But, this show on interracial dating demands my careful attention. Enter: Why white women prefer black men. Question: how many stereotypes about interracial dating between black men and white women can you identify in the following video clip?

A handy viewing guide to: Mmmm! Yummy Chocolate Black Men...say White Women!

:13--I cry foul! What an unfair setup...

:27--Am I crazy, or does her desire for the black flesh make you think of Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. You know that she is hungry for that is so lovely, tasty, and irresistible. This one is unapologetic in her need to gobble up some sexy mocha chocolate love. Is this a new Hershey's flavor? Mandingo mocha? Or maybe given that she is a Brit, perhaps she wants to turn her negro lover into a human pork rind, one floured, battered and fried?

:33--Black skin on white skin. So sexy, kind of like a sexual version of Backgammon or Go.

:57--Oh yeah, we make you feel safe and lovely! Bow before the black opposed to the dog in the man (bonus points if you get the reference).

1:21--Is that Maxi Priest's long lost brother in the frame?

1:28--Hold on now! I thought Black men didn't take their women out, didn't treat them well, and used black women like mules? These Brits are setting the bar too high for us brothers here in the U.S.

2:00--Has she seen the movie Baby Boy?

3:07--Poor white man. He is under siege!

3:27--Uh oh, more high standards. On the lovemaking, I prefer the soft bigotry of low expectations.

4:10--Five minutes? Short? Damn, I can make love 10 times in five minutes. Am I doing something wrong?

4:21--Backgammon and lovemaking. Now that is an evening. But, which one is the foreplay?

4:33--Is that Erykah Badu?

4:51--Melanin wins again! Melanin's power to metabolize the sun's rays in order to create gyrations and movements in its owners translates directly into an ability to work the middle and hit the G-spot. Each time, every time. Remember, work those hips and use the C.A.T. technique to bring your queen to ecstasy.

4:57--The way black men move in general.... is this the "swagger" that the folks on CNN were talking about in respect to President Obama?

5:02--I thought Plastic Man was white? I guess not.

5:13--Thought number 1: Shabba! Thought number 2: Was this woman in the movie Heading South? Thought number 3: Did you know that I once saw Shabba leap across a concert stage in three mighty bounds? The brother was magical.

5:23--Poor white man. He may be one of Pat Buchanan's allies. Suggestion: if you are white and confronted by these stereotypes of black sexual prowess simply repeat the following phrase--"You ain't had it right till you had it white!"

6:24--Sexual geometry: Q.E.D. Rhythm, length, size, the whole job EQUALS satisfaction.

6:44--No comment.

7:22--Look at her hair, old girl knows she got some colored folk in the family and she best stop trying to pass (badly).

7:41--I tell all of my white friends about the power of cocoa butter. Question: is Shea butter sexier? Random disclosure: before I take a woman on a trip to space mountain I finish off my pre-lovemaking routine with a nice swathing of CVS brand cocoa butter lotion on all of my energy centers. Trust me, my natural pheromones and CVS brand cocoa butter lotion are a combination that queens across the globe find irresistible.

8:45--Wouldn't be interested in some of us "colored" people? This one doesn't pass the b.s. test as Lord knows she was bringing those brothers into her tent late at night (for purposes of ethnographic research of course) while she was working for some NGO in Africa.

8:51--You know the brother wants to "convert" her to the "dark side."

9:36--Race mixing is the only path to a post-racial future. Dr. King, Bob Marley, Terrence Howard, and Wesley Snipes all prophesied this immutable truth, why then has it fallen on deaf ears?


macon d said...

Race mixing is the only path to a post racial future. Dr. King, Bob Marley, Terrence Howard, and Wesley Snipes all prophesied this immutable truth, why then has it fallen on deaf ears?

Don't forget Bulworth!

That TV show is all kinds of ickiness.

Thembi Ford said...

This is way too well done. Where did you even find such a video?

Vee (Scratch) said...

This is kind of hilarious, because I often hear more about how horrible black men treat their women amongst other things.
I didn't know we were so dope!

Jenjuli Art said...
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MilesEllison said...

@ 8:45: methinks the lady doth protest too much........

The Good Reverend Doctor said...

Where the white women at?!

undressingHER said...

I personally don't care who's with who. We're all human beings. People act like their is a shortage of black men, and I know people will say we're in high demand, but for every beautiful black woman, there are thousands of black men trying to get her. Now I don't know if they are good men, or even the type of men she would want, but they are out here. Expand your social circle and your life.

african girl said...

I don't even get it why there's always a comparison between white and black where in fact we are all humans. It's not that fair that most of the time they always discriminate black people. I guess the real issue here is why is it that black men prefer white women? However black women tend to be so depressed because of what the black men did.