Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Funky Fresh Yo! or Michael Steele Knows that You Got's to Rock Your Hat Backwards in the Northeast

Patrick Buchanan's facial expressions are priceless. Buchanan may be a bigot, but at least (in his defense) he is an honest one...and I wish I knew what Buchanan was thinking as he listened to Steele further embarrass himself and the GOP.

Lord, why couldn't the GOP look under a different rock to find a more credible "leader" for their party? Random thought: doesn't Michael Steele remind you of your old uncle who is trying to remain "hip" but is twenty years off with his clothing and slang? Second random thought: when I watch Michael Steele I can't help but think of John Witherspoon in Boomerang talking about "you got's to coordinate":

Any excuse to play some Paul Mooney is right by me:

Why not? We miss you Bernie:


Al From Bay Shore said...

I listened to the first two seconds and then I turned it off [sigh]. I just didn't have the stomach, and I am a republican. Memo to Michael Steele: Please spend some time around some average Black folks.

DISCLAIMER: The same can be said for another Michael (Eric Dyson) and Marc Lamont Hill. Steele's problem is that he is fixated on youth, much like white male culture. Dyson and Hill are intoxicated by pie in the sky Black studies theory.

I am slowly becoming convinced that the Black middle and working classes have become invisible to Black folks who hold power.

I feel like Jim Brown's character in "The Running Man". I'm feelin' the urge to suit up and get involved.

By the way, does anyone know where to get the House music remix of "Hard Times" by Queen Latifah?

Anonymous said...

"coordinate was boomerang"