Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Updated--Let's Play the Conspicuous Negro Game! or One Black Fool Who Loves Him Some Tea Bagging...You Know There is Always One In Every Crowd

I was looking for the conspicuous negro--my own version of Where's Waldo--amongst the April 15th tea baggers (with a hope that I wouldn't find one). Alas, why must there always be one person of color willing to play poster child and pet for these Right Wing demagogues?

This lost soul was seen tea bagging outside the Bristol, County Courthouse in Bristol, Tennessee...Tennessee? one would think that being from the South he would know better.

Quick thought: doesn't he look like Apollo Creed from Rocky IV? Second thought: how many times will Fox News show this mascot as a way of insulating the April 15th "protesters" from the charge of being a group of right-wing, populist, racists?

Update: We have a second conspicuous negro amongst the sea of tea baggers. Doesn't he look like Tiger Woods' doppleganger? Are the tragic mulatto Canablasians actually fluffers for the tea baggers. And notice the smiling white guy in the background who feels like a good person because the crowd is "integrated"...thus alleviating his guilt.

Two bonus pics:

Why did they have to bring Homey the Clown into their xenophobia and racism? Don't these people have any decency? Aren't some things just off limits? Where will this end? Who's next, Mr. T?

Social science in action--the masses are indeed asses it seems--two irreconcilable issue positions held at one time (increasing spending, while cutting taxes).


RiPPa said...

Being a resident of the fine city of Memphis TN., that brother in Bristol makes me hang my head in shame. Yes, our cousins to tend to disgrace us at times. I can only hope that he was out of a job and was paid to dress like that for the day, and was picked up from the rent-a-negro store.

I had a plan for the day, but obviously I missed this guy.


P.S. I'm linking this to my page with shame of course.

The Good Reverend Dr. said...

I thought it was just a picture of Uncle Sambo collecting taxes.

Annette C said...

What really makes me laugh is the sign that says 'cut taxes, not defense'. Is she serious??!! If we cut taxes, how do we NOT cut defense? Don't these ignorant people realize that taxes are directly related to every government office, employee, military and defense dollar spent? How do you cut taxes and have the same level of services, roads, medical care, etc.? Instead of a tea party they need to be waking up to smell the coffee!

Al From Bay Shore said...

Al From Bay Shore checking in.

As you know, I am right of center. I am expressing my disgust at how the GOP and conservatives have hijacked my beloved tax reform movement. In many ways this reminds me of how Civil Rights and Black empowerment became an issue exclusive to the Democratic party.

Anyway, Back in the early 90s, I was intrigued by an economist who made an appearence on "Tony Brown's Jorunal". He advocated the abolition of the income tax and the IRS. He wanted to replace the income tax with a national retail sales tax.

Thanks the the GOP, "Fair Tax" legislation will be further hampered by partisan posturing in the same way that meaningful empowerment strategies for Black folks have been muddled and supplanted by partisanship.