Sunday, April 12, 2009

Glenn Beck, the April 15th "Tea Party", and Other Nonsense that Makes Me Want to Throw Up in My Mouth

We have something special planned regarding this Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Right-Wing, April 15th tea bagging, militia, seditious, race baiting nonsense in the near future.

For now, I am rendered speechless and I just may throw up in my own mouth:


Brown Man said...

No Tea For Me.

I've got a couple of posts about this on my site, Brown Man Thinking Hard - a lot of hate the last few days, but since Blogger is paying the bill, the can come one, come all.

I've been used myself in protests years ago - I have no problem with protesting, but when there is no clear plan to get anything out of your agenda except hating the president, I can't see why you would waste your time with this, unless you want to put more money in Glen Beck and Rick Sanchez and Michelle Malkin's pockets.

My haters last week said I brought race into it when I criticized them, but if they can't find any links to any protests with more than a few token blacks in them (and that's being generous) then they deserve what I said - that his is nothing more than petulant white folks who are still mad about the election.

Jeannette said...

mmmmmmm some level people do need to be responsible for their government..but this should've been done under Bush and Cheny who did not believe in civil liberties or rights..I can't take it seriously now..
Obama has been in office for all of five seconds..albeit a very productive five seconds.. Yes race is very much an issue here... being black always makes you lynchable in white America's eyes whether you are doing a great job or a mediocre one..
People need to be less gullible and focus their energy and time more wisely.. if you are going to raise hell.. raise hell for a good specific reason, with a desired intent in mind.. showing ass just to show ass because some one on TV told you to is meaningless