Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ghetto Nerds Wrestlemania 25 Countdown: Random Goodness--the Iron Sheik Loses It, Andre the Giant's Penis, the Megapowers, and Austin versus Bret Hart

Five hours to go until Wrestlemania 25. Here is some fun professional wrestling randomness to hold you over until then:

The Iron Sheik goes crazy on Howard Stern:

Jim Ross, Andre the Giant's penis, and 100 dollars?

Hogan versus the Ultimate Warrior--never have two wrestlers with such horrible work rates put on such a great match:

One of my favorite matches of all time--the 2001 TLC match with Edge and Christian versus the Dudley Boys versus Matt and Jeff Hardy:

Just because it's so funny, King Kong Bundy crushing SD Jones:

Austin versus Bret Hart--an instant classic:

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