Saturday, April 11, 2009

Barack Obama--President, Product, and Salesman

A few weeks ago, I posted some pictures which highlighted the ways that Barack Obama's likeness and name have been used to endorse all manner of goods--fried chicken, hair care products, wigs, doo rags, etc. etc. etc. I also asked our readers to send us their best/worst examples of Obamamania run amok.

Sent to us by a loyal reader (a respectable white ally who braved the cold to attend Obama's inauguration), here are the first contributions to our online exhibit, Barack Obama: the Man, the Myth, and the Product.


Got to love the Barack Obama cardboard standup:

Did Martin Bernal approve of this image (I couldn't resist the joke)? Barack Obama: too strong! too Black! too Egyptian!

Tasting is indeed believing...I guess?

Shaka Zulu meets Barack Obama:

Keep those contributions coming folks!


RiPPa said...

The $3 bottled water is priceless!


LoudPen said...

I'm gonna have to say the Shaka Zulu meets Barack Obama is my favorite. It's so outrageous and random. People will do anything for money.

The Author said...

lol...what goes through these folks head, in contemplation of these products?!

Anuk Mahendran Arudpragasam said...

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