Thursday, February 19, 2009

Black History Month Hijinks: A Pastor Manning Two For One or Barack Obama Needs to Get that Jungle Jive Out of the White House

Lord have mercy. I was in a foul mood today, now I am happy again.

Pastor Manning is now my personal Valium.


Annette C said...

The pastor is right...Obama probably would have liked to say 'effed' up instead but, you know...national TV, president and all...can't always say what's on your mind. But pardon can we complain about the monkey cartoon if we are agreeing with a man who is referring to 'jungle jive', another racist terminology. Shall we point out the origins of that little phrase...the equating of anyone of African decent as from the jungle....So are we now 'screwing' with ugly terms such as this to escalate the lame point being made? Is this an attempt to get our face on CNN? When the pastor gets on TV to explain his words, is he going to be eating a monkey shaped cookie and drinking cool aid to reinforce the point?

I am sorry, but this is just way too offensive. Our president is one of the most well spoken, well written people we have come across in a long time in politics. If this is the best you can do I guess he is doing a wonderful job. I certainly hope that Mr. Manning was forthcoming on the criticisms of the past presidents. But honestly, he wasted several minutes of his time making himself attempt to sound important, repeating the same crap over and over under the guise of intellectual criticism. Your goofy criticism is directed at a man that smokes, curses in his books and admits that the point was to inhale. Being president is not the equivalent to being saintly. Get a grip and move on! Next!

Al From Bay Shore said...

Okay, what I just saw and heard were the desperate gasps of breaths that is coming from the Civil Rights generation that struggles to assert an illusion of relevance. In fact, this comedy of errors is nothing but an extension of the bitter infighting of the Civil Rights establishment since the emergence of the Jackson/Sharpton rivalry. The only difference is that the names are different. In fact, it is a warfare of personalites in a different theatre of operations. Manning invents controversy by pretending that the term "screw up" is a prono-graphic colloquial prevalent amongst ghetto dwellers. He hopes his "YouTube" soap box will generate interest in the myth of himself as a civil rights prototype-like leader. Did you notice his church-speak embellished with preacher-like inflections and an exagerrated southern accent? Its alot like the Civil Rights establishment demanding, or rather begging for attention and relevance in post integration/Civil Rights era America.

And on the other side of this contrived drama sits the young, bright achieving black intellectual politician with that same preacher-like oratory skillfully disguised in a northern accent, a secular context, and white metrosexual acquaintances who could be extras in a Starbucks commercial. Its as if Manning is channeling Adolph Caesar's Sargeant Waters in opposition to a Private Peterson reincarnated as the nation's first black president. And somewhere off in the distance is the oafish and anachronistic CJ portrayed by Eric Holder as he rambles pointlessly about race and cowardice.

Its moments like these when I grow more empathetic towards Yoda when, in Episode II, he speaks of the curtain having already fallen. Our curtan fell when we refused to adapt and put the sacred cows of the Civil Rights era out to pasture. Since the late 70s, the high watermark of black culture, they've been allowed to roam the countryside spawing prototypes of themselves that perpetuate the mindset that wrought the belief that using the whites only toilet was an indicator of liberation.

Anonymous said...

This rant is idiotic. These religious fanatics are so extreme. Perhaps we should ban damn, I swear, Hell, poop, urinated, consumated, drool, etc.

Where the fuck do these people 'get off' trying to dictate what anyone else says? President Obama is not a child. He's not a puppet.

If 'screw' is the worse language he uses then that's pretty mild.

I wish he would tell these crumb snachers where the fuck to go...and soon!

Spinster said...

Couldn't finish listening after 30 seconds. Too ignorant for words.

What in the self-righteous Negro spiritual hell......