Monday, January 5, 2009

A Younger, Pre-presidential Barack Obama Appears on the TV Show, "Check, Please! "

Bro'bama, of all Hyde Park eateries, why would you give a positive review to Dixie Kitchen? This restaurant's food is neither tasty nor especially well presented. Plus, they water down their drinks--and charge you for a full priced drink if you want them to add more tequila to an already weak margarita.

I hope this isn't the first in a deluge of restaurant reviews in which our new president gives other, even more questionable endorsements...if a video is unearthed with Barack Obama giving a thumbs up to Cedar's of Lebanon, I may have to exit stage left.

Brother, I hope that you exercise better judgment in your policy making than in your taste in restaurants.

But, Barack Obama was right about the power of those Johnny Cakes:


gordon gartrelle said...

Dixie Kitchen isn't that bad; you're exaggerating.

chaunceydevega said...

You my friend are notorious for your poor taste.

But, I know you like them Johnny Cakes.